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If the White residence payroll is a leading indicator the the president’s meeting to increase government then taxpayers have a factor for concern.

Projected four-year expenses of Biden’s White home payroll could top $200 million. For comparison, inflation adjusted, the Trump management spent $164.3 million (2017-2020) and the Obama management spent $188.5 million (2009-2012).

Today, ~ above July 1st, the Biden administration released the annual Report to congress on White home Office Personnel. Chairman Biden hired czars, expensive “fellows,” “assistants,” and also spent ~ above a lot larger first Lady (FLOTUS) staff.

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The payroll report included the name, status, salary and position title of all 567 White house employees costing taxpayers $49.6 million. (SearchBiden’s White residence payroll and also Trump’s four years post at OpenTheBooks.com.)

White residence payroll with the year 2009-2021 changed for inflation.


Since January, the Biden administration has quickly staffed up. Right here are some vital findings from our auditors in ~ OpenTheBooks.com:

-There space 190 an ext employees on White residence staff under Biden thanunderTrump (377) and also 80 more than under Obama (487) at this suggest in their particular presidencies.

-$9.6 million rise in payroll safety vs. The trump card FY2017 payroll. In 2017, the trump White residence spent $40 million for 377 employees, if the Biden payroll amounts to $49.6 million because that 567 employees. Every spending quantities are inflation adjusted.

-Hires include 320 female staffers ($28.9 million salaries) vs. 240 male staffers ($20.8 million salaries). In state of height staffers — Special assistants — there are 53 female ($6.3 million salaries) vs. 37 males ($4.4 million).

-Currently, there space 12staffers specialized – at the very least in component – come Dr. Jill Biden vs. 5 staffers whoservedMelania trumped in her an initial year (FY2017).

-Counts the the “Assistants to the President” – the many trusted advisors to the president - space the same (22) in because that the Biden management and the Trump and Obama administrations. This year, these advisors do $180,000.

This year’s perform of crucial advisors contains names such together Ron Klain (Chief of Staff), Susan Rice (Domestic plan Council), Jennifer Psaki (Press Secretary), and Kate Bedingfield (Communications Director), Mike Donilon (Senior Advisor), and also Steve Ricchetti (Counselor).

In the trumped first-year, Steven Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Omarosa Manigault, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer and 17 rather made salaries of $179,700. In Obama’s first-year, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel and twenty others organized the location with peak pay of $172,000.

-The most extremely compensated White residence Biden staffer? The height paid is Molly Groom ($185,656), plan Advisor for Immigration, a crisis problem for the administration. The second highest paid is Elizabeth Hone ($183,164), senior Policy Advisor because that Broadband. The management proposed $100 exchange rate in federal government ownership that broadband.

In Trump’s administration (2017), note House, senior Policy Advisor, had a value of $187,500. In Obama’s management (2009), David Marcozzi earned $193,000 “on detail” indigenous Health and Human Services.

very first Lady staff counts in their first year.



Dr. Jill Biden has actually 12 staffers consisting of press, communication, and development trip directors; media coordinators and also schedulers. There are senior advisors, and even a pair of social secretaries. 5 of the employees additionally serve the chairman in some capacity.

In 2009, former very first Lady Michelle Obama facedcriticism for she twenty-four assistants, advisors, aides, and social secretaries. Laura bush had a staff of eighteen. In 2017, Melania Trump, in her very first year, had a employee of 5 employees.

These 12 White residence employeesservingFirst Lady Dr. Jill Biden (five also serve the chairman in some capacity) price taxpayers $1.35 million and also include:

Julissa Reynoso Pantaleon, cook of staff to the an initial Lady and also White House sex Policy co-chair ($180,000); Elizabeth Alexander, director of communications for the an initial Lady ($155,000); Carlos Elizondo, social Secretary ($155,000) and also Deputy social Secretary, Liz Hart ($80,000) press Secretary, Michael LaRosa, $100,000

Special to plan Czars

Starting in 2009, chairman Obama come under fire for hiring special initiative czars. From 2017-2020, we discovered no evidence of “czars” on Trump’s payroll.

However, Biden has czar(ed) increase – specify name at least 21 czars come date, with plans to to fill 55 positions. This include: national Climate advisor Regina McCarthy ($180,000) and also a special Envoy for Climate, john Kerry – that is provided in press accounts, yet doesn’t show up in the payroll data. Others include Jeff Zients ($36,000), the COVID-19 czar.

Critics at Politico have currently questioned, “How countless czars go the Biden management need?”

president Biden (2021) vs. President Trump (2020) --White home payrolls


White home Leadership advancement Fellows

Starting in 2015, chairman Obama denote a brand-new fellowship – a White house Leadership development program v an initial class of sixteen. Throughout the trump years, the program was dormant.

On June 4th, Biden appointed 22 members to the fellowship program. None of these show up in the payroll disclosure.

Like many presidents, Joe Biden doesn’t donate his salary. Donald Trump was the very first since john F. Kennedy come donate his pre-tax quarterly salary to government agencies.

Following tradition, Dr. Jill Biden isn’t paid as first Lady. However, she is the first First Lady to maintain an external income – her federal government salary together a neighborhood college professor at northern Virginia neighborhood College.

Although the White house personnel budget is one infinitesimal part of the $4+ trillion commonwealth budget, it can be a top indicator of Biden’s meeting to increase the size, scope, and power of the federal government.

Note: werequested comment native the White House and also will update the item if over there is a response. Every inflation changed numbers cited use the united state Inflation Calculator.

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