What is a an excellent PSAT score? PSAT scoring deserve to be pretty complex. Girlfriend will receive a score varying from 8 to 38 on each of the 3 tests (Reading, writing & Language, and also Math) and also a score ranging from 160 to 760 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and for Math. Your as whole PSAT score will variety from 320 to 1520 and is calculation by adding your 2 area scores together.

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In addition to your in its entirety scores, you will receive subscores that provide a deeper evaluation of her PSAT performance. The PSAT additionally gives you a percentile ranking, which allows you to compare her scores v those of other high college juniors that took the test. Because that example, a student with a percentile that 63 has earned a score better than 63 percent of the year’s check takers.

As you consider a PSAT score goal in the vain scholarship qualification process, it’s way to recognize average scores and also qualifying scores for miscellaneous scholarship programs. Acquisition the PSAT offers you a possibility to qualified for number of scholarship programs, many notably the nationwide Merit Scholarship Program. The PSAT is additionally excellent practice for the SAT and can assist you stand the end to colleges. Because that starters, though, below are the basics you could need to know around your PSAT score.

Your small year PSAT score is what qualifies you for the national Merit Scholarship. Some schools or districts will sell the PSAT to sophomores in October, or PSAT 10 in the spring of their sophomore year. This is a an excellent chance for extra practice, and to see exactly how you could expect to perform when it counts small year.

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You will obtain a score ranging from 8 to 38 on each of the 3 tests (Reading, writing & Language, and Math)You will additionally receive a score varying from 160 to 760 because that Evidence-Based Reading and also Writing and for MathYour as whole PSAT score will range from 320 to 1520 and is calculate by including your two area scores togetherYou will likewise receive subscores varying from 1 to 15 in the complying with areas: Command of Evidence, native in Context, Expression that Ideas, standard English Conventions, heart of Algebra, trouble Solving and Data Analysis, and also Passport to advanced Math


These PSAT scores will placed you in the top 10% of all PSAT check takers

BEST PSAT mathematics SCORES: 620+

BEST PSAT composing & analysis SCORES: 620+

BEST all at once PSAT SCORES: 1210-1520

These PSAT scores will put you in a very competitive ar in admissions (top 25% of all PSAT check takers)

COMPETITIVE PSAT mathematics SCORES: 560-610

COMPETITIVE PSAT creating & analysis SCORES: 560-610

COMPETITIVE all at once PSAT SCORES: 1070-1200

These an excellent PSAT scores placed you front of the pack (50%+), however won’t be as advantageous when using to highly competitive programs and also scholarships

GOOD PSAT math SCORES: 500-550

GOOD PSAT creating & reading SCORES: 500-550

GOOD in its entirety PSAT SCORES: 950-1060

These scores may be sufficient to obtain into a wide range of college programs, however will be below average compared to the experimentation population

BELOW typical PSAT mathematics SCORES: below 500

BELOW typical PSAT creating & reading SCORES: below 500


The PSAT/NMSQT means the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. It has actually three main functions:
The PSAT is terrific practice because that the SAT. Although shorter than the SAT, it consists of the same varieties of math, reading, and also writing questions. That does not, however, save an essay component. The PSAT likewise measures her score against those of her classmates and peers across the country, just as the sat does.

Many schools purchase lists that high-scoring students and also encourage these students to apply. A good score ~ above the PSAT can get you noticed by colleges and also earn you tiny perks such together meals throughout visits and also waived application fees.

The optimal 50,000 scorers ~ above the PSAT are well-known by the nationwide Merit Program and also sent letter of commendation. An ext than 10,000 of these students share much more than $47 million in national Merit Scholarship money. Only juniors that take the PSAT are eligible for nationwide Merit Scholarships. The height 16,000 scorers come to be semifinalists, and approximately 15,000 semifinalists become finalists. Finally, almost 7,500 nationwide Merit finalists receive national Merit Scholarships, with each compensation being approximately $2,500 a year toward a university education. Many high scorers that don’t receive nationwide Merit Scholarships space awarded merit scholarships native the schools to which they use based on your high scores. Even if it is you qualify as a Commended Student, a Semifinalist, a Finalist, or a full-fledged national Merit Scholar, it’s absolutely worth note this accomplishment on her college applications.

This relies on the state you live in. Every state has a preset variety of Semifinalists, and once scores come in for students the determines the cutoff score for the year in that state. For example, if girlfriend live in California and took the PSAT in October 2017, you would require to have a selection Index score the 223 in order to qualify as a Semifinalist. If you resided in West Virginia, you would need to score a 212. The selection Index score is calculate by copy the amount of her Reading, Writing and Language, and also Math check scores. In enhancement to varying by state, this number can vary through year. Nevertheless of the precise cutoff for her state, all of the students that qualify earn high scores—less than the optimal 1% that high school students advancement to come to be Semifinalists.

To calculate your choice Index, girlfriend will need to add your 3 test scores with each other and dual it. The college Board likewise includes this on your report if she eligible.

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For an ext information top top the national Merit Scholarships and Special Scholarships, visit www.nationalmerit.org.