PoliticsThis Presidential Inauguration will certainly Be Unlike any kind of Other, yet It isn’t the only Exceptional OneTake, for example: 1829, 1861, 1877, 1913, 2001—all stood out for unusual, embarrassing, or other reasons

More than 20,000 nationwide Guard troops have been dubbed up to protect the president, the angry president, and the Capitol top top January 20. Picture by AP

The inauguration of our 46th president assures to be superior in numerous ways. Joe Biden will be sworn in simply two weeks after a pro-Trump lot ransacked the Capitol, leaving five dead, and also intelligence agencies have seen many of evidence that plenty of of the very same crowd space planning come return top top January 20. More than 20,000 national Guard troops are expected to be on hand to safeguard the president, the evil president, and also the Capitol. United state Customs and also Border defense is deploying aircraft over the city to conduct surveillance throughout the ceremony and many streets and train train station in downtown Washington have been shut under to traffic since Saturday in an effort to for sure the city. However Biden has said that in maintaining with tradition, that still plan to take it the oath of office outdoors, ~ above the west side of the us Capitol. 

Other changes will make this inauguration unlike others. In a rest from tradition, the president-elect will certainly not be accompanied to the Capitol by his predecessor. Donald Trump has actually said he will not attend the ceremony. He’s no the first to to speak no (John Adams, man Quincy Adams, and also Andrew Johnson additionally refused to to visit the inaugurations of their successors). And in a nod both come the ongoing pandemic and also to protection concerns, far fewer human being will be in attendance than at recent inaugurations. Just 200 people—socially distanced and also wearing masks—will be enabled on the phase (all will have to have had an adverse COVID tests as well). Planners decided to limit tickets to the inauguration and also to eliminate parade viewing stands near the White House. (American airlines is even suspending alcohol addict beverage company on just arrived flights to Washington airports.) unable to do is the usual Congressional luncheon the traditionally adheres to the swearing-in ceremony, ditto the timeless inaugural parade and the many inaugural balls. Instead, there will certainly be a star-studded prime-time celebration special Tom Hanks, Jon Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, and also Demi Lovato, come be carried by the significant networks. The swearing-in consciousness itself will still have actually some star power: Lady Gaga will certainly sing the national anthem and also Jennier Lopez is also expected to perform.

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On a cold in march 4 that 1841 wilhelm Henry Harrison declined a closed carriage and also rode to his inauguration on horseback. A month later, he came to be the an initial president to die in office. AP Photo/File

While this year’s event will be unlike any other, a look ago at history shows the hiccups, glitches, threats, disturbances, and also even protests room nothing brand-new to presidential inaugurations. They started a long time ago, and will probably continue long right into the future. Review 10 examples from the past we’ve culled for you.

In 1829, Andrew Jackson’s inauguration attracted a large and spirited crowd, numerous of whom made their way—uninvited—into the timeless celebration at the White House. Inside, their spirits obtained the far better of them. While the men came to be rowdy and the women feuded openly, Jackson easily exited, v either a window or a side door. John Quincy Adams, who had lost his bid because that reelection, did not attend the event.

In 1841, wilhelm Henry Harrison yielded a two-hour-long inaugural attend to (the longest come date) there is no wearing a cloak or hat, and also one month later ended up being the very first US president to dice in office. In ~ the time, his fatality was meeting to severe pneumonia, accused exacerbated through his fail to dress accordingly for his an extensive speech. Current research considers Harrison’s significant diarrhea, which had set in before his inauguration, and suggests the he was killed by bacteria, possibly led to by raw sewer that had actually leaked right into the White home water system.

In 1857, many world who attended events surrounding the inauguration that James audioeditorfree.comchanan came down with a mysterious disease that this particular day looks a lot choose Legionnaires disease. audioeditorfree.comchanan himself acquired sick, twice, however survived; 36 people, including 3 congressmen, died.

A march of 8,000 suffragists collection the phase for the inauguration the Woodrow Wilson in 1913. Photo courtesy the Library of congress via AP

In 1861, en path to his inauguration, Abraham Lincoln was conscious of several fatality threats, including one threatening to death him top top his trip from Illinois. Lincoln declined an sell to lug a revolver and a Bowie knife, however he did change his planned course to Washington and he walk wear a disguise.

In 1865, at Lincoln’s second inauguration, the incoming angry president, Andrew Johnson, chose that the best medicine for a cold was numerous shots that whiskey. He was wrong. Johnson’s rambling, barely meaningful inauguration speech to be a significant embarrassment for Lincoln.

In 1877, fearing disturbances by supporters of his democratic opponent and also amidst alleged death threats, Rutherford Hayes take it the oath in a secret, exclusive ceremony in ~ the White House. He take it the oath again in a windy ceremony two days later.

In 1913, Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration attractive Washington’s an initial large-scale political protest. The day before Wilson took office, as many as 8,000 suffragists marched under Pennsylvania Avenue, heckled and jeered with every step. However seven years later, women acquired the ideal to vote.

More than 100,000 civilization protested versus the war in Vietnam at Richard Nixon’s 1973 inauguration. AP Photo

In 1973, at the 2nd inauguration that Richard Nixon, an ext than 100,000 people, consisting of 80 congressmen, took component in a March against Death and for peace in Vietnam in ~ the Lincoln Memorial. The war ongoing for two an ext years.

In 2001, the inauguration the George W. audioeditorfree.comsh appeared to go off there is no a hitch, audioeditorfree.comt behind the scenes the incoming president’s staff had to resolve the unwelcoming shenanigans of the staff of the outgoing president, bill Clinton. Clinton’s crew had glued desk drawers shut, rerouted some telephone lines, and also removed the Ws from computer system keyboards.

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In 2009, if swearing in Barack Obama, united state Chief Justice man Roberts erroneously flipped part words, saying, “I will certainly execute the office of president to the United claims faithfully,” rather of, “I will certainly faithfully execute the office of president of the unified States.” ~ the ceremony, Obama and also Roberts joined reporters in the White residence map room, whereby acting “out of an aaudioeditorfree.comndance of caution,” the 2 recited the oath correctly.