At least 678 homicides were taped in the city by the end of October, 17 an ext than this time critical year, follow to statistics released by the Police Department.

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Four human being were killed and also two teens were among 23 wounded in citywide shootings due to the fact that this weekend. Sun-Times document photo
v two month to go, has currently seen more murders 보다 in eight the the last 10 years.

At the very least 678 homicides were videotaped in the city through the end of October, 17 more than this time critical year, follow to statistics exit by the Police department on Monday.

Last year ended with at least 775 homicides, the most in the city due to the fact that 1996. might come close to that toll this year, though the speed of killings slowed in October, according to the department.

At the very least 59 civilization were killed this October contrasted to 69 last October.

The variety of shootings, however, has actually not slowed down. At least 356 world were shoot in October, compared to 344 for the very same month critical year, the department said. For the year, at the very least 3,766 world have to be shot contrasted to 3,443 this time last year.

The most violent year of the past 10 years is 2016, as soon as at least 781 homicides to be reported. Homicides dipped the next year, to at least 644, and also continued to decrease to 547 in 2018 and also 501 in 2019 prior to spiking again.

There had been a similar decline before 2016: at the very least 435 homicides in 2011, 504 in 2012, 415 in 2013, 407 in 2014 and 478 in 2016.

For much of this year, homicides and shootings had actually been steadily raising from last year. The the city’s 72 neighborhoods, 50 are seeing either an ext homicides or about the very same number together last year. Just 22 room faring better, according to Sun-Times data.

Many struggling communities continue to bear the brunt the violence: Austin, north Lawndale, Auburn-Gresham, West Garfield Park, West Pullman, south Shore, Roseland, near West Side, south Lawndale and also Washington Heights.

Over the last weekend, at least 28 world were struggle by gunfire and also six died. 4 of those homicides occurred in police districts the cover several of these neighborhoods.

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At the very least 18 others to be wounded in shootings in this weekend.

Last weekend, three civilization were killed and also 26 others wounded in shootings in