PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The recent on the parade for the supervisor Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles (all time local):


12:30 p.m.

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The championship Philadelphia Eagles room making their means through the jubilant throngs of fans at the city"s first-ever Super bowl parade, yet don"t expect any type of official calculation of the crowd size.

The city has said they aren"t planning to release any kind of crowd size estimates after Thursday"s festivities, making any type of number a assumption: v as easily inflatable as a football (sorry Pats fans).

But there"s absolutely a massive, roaring crowd. Conveniently hundreds of hundreds of groupies are lining the 5-mile (8-kilometer) path from the stadion to the arts museum"s "Rocky" steps. It"s a much much longer route than the Phillies had for your 2008 World collection championship parade in 2008, and much more spread out than the crowds for Pope Francis"s visit in 2015.

Organizers ready for as many as 2 million people.


11:25 a.m.

The Philadelphia Eagles space thanking the fans and sharing your championship glory together the Super key parade makes its method up large Street, the main thoroughfare from the team"s stadium to city hall.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie stood atop an open-air double-decker bus together with quarterbacks Nick Foles, Carson Wentz and also third-stringer Nate Sudfeld as they do their method through the throngs. Lurie organized a sign analysis "Thank you Fans" and also a laugh Super key MVP Foles brandished the Vince Lombardi trophy. Coach Doug Pederson disembarked indigenous the bus to present off the trophy come the thrilled crowds; other players tossed T-shirts come fans follow me the route.

And Jason Kelce walked along — pull in complete Mummers regalia spring somewhat prefer Aladdin — shower hands through fans and leading them in chants.

Hundreds of hundreds of roaring, jubilant fans space in place to cheer their heroes follow me the means to the art museum"s "Rocky" steps.


11 a.m.

The Eagles have actually landed on vast Street: The championship parade Philadelphia has actually dreamed around for years is finally underway.

Players space cruising along the 5-mile (8-kilometer) parade course atop open-air, double-decker buses. They began off near their stadium just prior to 11 a.m. Thursday and also winding up in ~ the arts museum"s "Rocky" steps.

Many players space sporting their parade finest: Chris long is donning a faux full-length hair coat end an Allen Iverson 76ers jersey. Jason Kelce is in complete Mummers regalia, faintly the same, similar thing an Aladdin costume in a nod to Philadelphia"s raucous annual parade on brand-new Year"s Day.

Hundreds of thousands of roaring, jubilant fans space in place to cheer their heroes follow me the way. Organizers are ready for as plenty of as 2 million people.


7 a.m.

All roads and rails result in Philadelphia together fans pour into the city for the Eagles" Super key parade.

People started lining the 5-mile (8-kilometer) route prior to dawn Thursday. Organizers are ready for as many as 2 million people, yet the really number may be lot lower.

Many fans space taking massive transit. New Jersey Transit ~ above Wednesday suspended ticket sales top top its Atlantic City Line into Philadelphia. Every 50,000 one-of-a-kind parade day tickets for the SEPTA local railroad lines sold out.

The city"s 2 subways are free all day.

Schools and government workplaces are close up door in the city. The Erco agency gave more than 100 employee in new Jersey and Delaware a paid day off so they have the right to celebrate.


6:15 a.m.

Early birds are headed come the Eagles Super bowl parade in Philadelphia.

Before dawn in frigid wind chills in the short 20s, people have started lining the parade path Thursday to celebrate the team"s an initial NFL title in nearly 60 years.

Other fans lined up for mass transit. The city"s two subways are complimentary all da. However all 50,000 special parade day tickets because that the SEPTA local railroad lines marketed out. The fast transit system connecting Philadelphia and also southern new Jersey likewise sold parade tickets, yet that doesn"t guarantee a ride.

The parade starts close to the team"s stadium and also culminates its 5-mile (8-kilometer) trek in ~ the art museum steps that Sylvester Stallone climbed in the "Rocky" movies.



The championship parade Philadelphia has actually dreamed around and agonized over is finally here.

The city"s very first Super key parade measures off Thursday, capping a glorious week for jubilant pan celebrating one NFL title that had eluded them for almost 60 years. Led by back-up quarterback Nick Foles and second-year coach Doug Pederson, the Eagles win the new England Patriots 41-33.

Schools, museums, courts, government offices and also even the Philadelphia Zoo will certainly be close up door down.

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Organizers to speak they"re preparing because that as plenty of as 2 million civilization to jam the parade route.