Kevin Hart attracted more than 53,000 fans on Sunday to his stand-up performance at Philadelphia’s Lincoln financial Field, i m sorry he taped for a future concert movie to fight movie theaters in 2016.

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It’s by much the best stop top top Hart’s What now tour, which proceeds with arena stop in September throughout the Rockies into the Pacific Northwest. He said afterward the his hometown triumph, “I was past happy.”

Here was Kevin Hart previously in the day Sunday in ~ soundcheck, “It’s the calm prior to the storm. You see it. I’m in ~ my soundcheck. I’m in a cursed football stadium. I’m about to set this bitch turn off on fire with jokes, Philadelphia! We gained 84 cameras! I’m shoot a special with 84 cameras!”

The calm before the storm…. #Philadelphia #WhatNowTour #MakingHistory #ComedicRockstarShit

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Much of the buzz post-show among comedians was together much around how many fans got kicked the end of Hart’s present for violating the ascendancy banning cell-phone use throughout it, as on the monumental size of his illustration power.

Kevin Hart’s stand-up performance in his hometown stadium was the greatest solo headlining comedyshow due to the fact that July 4, 2009 — when Larry the Cable Guy an in similar way went ago to his house in Nebraska to record a stand-up special, “Tailgate Party,” for an ext than 53,000 at the college of Nebraska’s Memorial stadium.


As Larry the Cable male recalled now for The Comic’s Comic: “53 thousand provide or take it a hundred. And I say thanks to them! GBR!! it to be so awesome and also nerve wracking in ~ the same time. An initial stand up to carry out it. I’m proud of the and likewise 😁 happy it’s over!” it was so awesome and nerve wracking at the very same time. First stand up to perform it. I'm proud of it and additionally 😁 happy it's over!

— Larry The Cable guy (
GitRDoneLarry) august 31, 2015

Would you think the acknowledged human being Record for biggest audience because that a comedian, though, is held by a German? Mario Barth, that attracted 67,733 come the Olympiastadion in Berlin top top July 12, 2008.

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How many other stand-up comedians have the right to you remind who have actually headlined stadium-sized crowds?

I understand Chris absent played ~ above the huge stage at Bonnaroo years ago, but that was part of a weekend festival lineup.