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Organizers the a Kentucky rally in support of previous President Donald Trump special several significant allies and also conspiracy theorists expected part 10,000 civilization to display up this weekend. Instead, less than 300 to be in attendance when neighborhood journalists attempted to cover the proceedings.

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The "We the human being Reunion" was hosted at the Muhlenberg County farming & Convention facility Fairgrounds in Powderly, Kentucky, ~ above Friday and also Saturday. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, retired basic Michael Flynn, attorney Lin Wood and also others were among the featured speakers, follow to the event and ticket web page online.

Local channel WFIE 14 News sent out a team to shoot video clip at the occasion on Friday yet was later on asked to leave, follow to a report broadcast by the NBC News affiliate. The news channel reported that promoters had expected a group of around 10,000 people however less 보다 300 to be in attendance native what your journalists saw. Event organizers supposedly refused come speak come WFIE around the rally.

Photos and also videos the the occasion posted to society media showed up to display only a few hundred world in attendance.

The event"s summary explained:

"The greatest Patriot Rally the The Year - A True Reunion the We, The People, combine the best names in the conservative patriot movement consisting of Gen. Flynn, Lin Wood, Candace Owens, Mike Lindell, and many others follow me w/top notch Christian & country Music Entertainment! simply put: This will certainly be THE "Event of The Year" because that American Patriots!"


A right-wing us the world Reunion occasion featuring mine Pillow CEO Mike Lindell and other allies of former President Donald Trump attracted only a few hundred attendees in Kentucky this weekend after ~ promoters expected 10,000. In this photo, Lindell listens to Trump deal with supporters throughout a "Save America" on august 21 in Cullman, Alabama.Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesWhile countless recent pro-Trump occasions featuring Lindell, Flynn and the various other conservative numbers have to be free, forward Kentucky reported the the tickets for the we the people Reunion were starting at $125. Basic admission "plus" tickets were sold for $250 and also VIP tickets to be going for $500. got to out to the organizers v their occasion ticketing page and the convention center for comment but did not immediately receive responses. We were no able to independently verify attendance numbers.

Lindell, Flynn and many the the other conservative speakers have been touring the U.S. And also participating in assorted pro-Trump occasions largely to encourage baseless insurance claims that the 2020 choice was "rigged" or "stolen" in favor of president Joe Biden. Trump also continues to make similar groundless claims.

During a Friday interview with The Gateway Pundit, trump again asserted Biden had actually "cheated" to win in the 2020 election. He argued that Biden would certainly be eliminated from office before the finish of his term, a case even several of his allies have already explained is no legally possible.

"When you plunder Tiffany"s the its diamonds, and also you gain caught, you"re supposed to return them. The civilization are climbing up. You going to let somebody that cheated remain for three more years? ns can"t imagine it," trump card said.

Trump and his allies have not noted evidence to substantiate their extraordinary insurance claims of widespread voter fraud. Dozens that election an obstacle lawsuits filed through the previous president and also his supporters have actually failed in state and also federal courts. Also judges appointed by Trump and also other Republicans have dismissed the challenges.

Former Attorney basic William Barr, that was widely regarded as among Trump"s most loyal room members, said in December that there to be "no evidence" to support the cases of prevalent voter fraud. Meanwhile, lot of audits and also recounts in an essential battleground states—including in locations where the choice was overseen by pro-Trump Republicans—have reaffirmed Biden"s November victory.

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Meanwhile, a majority of Republican voters show up to believe the groundless claims around the election. A CNN poll published on Sunday verified that 59 percent of GOP voters said that it was "somewhat" or "very" essential to think that Trump winner the 2020 choice in stimulate to identify as a member the the Republican Party. The survey had actually a margin that error of plus or minus 2.8 portion points.