It"s been simply a pair of days since The walking Dead aired its highly anticipated Season 7 premiere. As expected, a slew of human being tuned in to discover out who Negan took out through his bat Lucille. However, what we really wanted to know was even if it is or not The wade Dead controlled to enhance on its current ratings. The price is, yes, return the display did not hit its highest viewership ever.

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Reports this morning show that The walking Dead"s Season 7 premiere to be the #1 broadcast of the night ~ above Sunday night, which is quite impressive, considering we room in the center of football season right now. A lining 17 million viewers tuned in for the premiere ~ above AMC, and of the 17 million viewers, 10.7 million viewers to be in the desire 18-49 declaring demo. When those numbers space hyper impressive, it must be provided that castle aren"t record-breaking because that the AMC drama. Previously, the Season 5 premiere "No Sanctuary" carried in 17.3 million complete viewers.

In the aforementioned advertising demo, deadline notes the The go Dead did attain its highest possible rating yet. That 10.7 million younger viewers ensured that the collection nabbed an 8.7 rating, i beg your pardon is insane considering that most network shows are happy to nab a 2.0 rating rating or higher. This numbers aren"t even counting the world who track in and also watch the show a couple of days after that airs. The go Dead also generally adds plenty of viewers via DVR and other platforms, so an ext than 17 million will certainly likely catch the illustration this week. We"ll allow you know when final Live+7 job numbers space revealed by the network.

The bang up in viewership is also a great sign because that the AMC drama as a whole. Ratings were down for The wade Dead throughout Season 6. As listed prior, the Season 5 premiere was the show"s highest-rated episode, and while numbers only dropped a bit during the latter fifty percent of Season 5 , they walk drop much more noticeably last season. We"ll need to wait and see if the ratings proceed to it is in high again during Season 7 or if the greater ratings were a an outcome of all of the cliffhanger exaggeration that retained fans top top the hook during the lengthy months of wait for brand-new episodes.

In the meantime, there room plenty of brand-new Walking Dead episodes wherein this weekend come from. Although the present is under two significant characters relocating forward, the reality that we room getting method more Negan must be maintaining us at the leaf of our seats. Next week, we are expected to conference a whole new side the The go Dead that Scott Gimple has defined as a little more lighthearted. An ext on the here.

New illustration of AMC"s The wade Dead wait Sunday nights in ~ 9 p.m. ET. To uncover out what us know around what"s coming, examine out our Season 7 guide.

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