The 73rd Emmy Awards management on CBS top top Sunday was watched by 7.4 million viewers, a significant 16% climb over critical year’s all-time low, follow to Nielsen data.

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The telecast to be likely assisted by one NFL audience lead-in on CBS. The network had actually a national telecast of the Los Angeles Chargers-Dallas Cowboys game and also overtime coverage the the Tennessee Titans-Seattle Seahawks matchup airing simply ahead that the show.

The telecast has hit ratings lows end the last couple of years — it bottomed out at 6.37 million on abc in 2020 — as the awards progressively recognize streaming programs, several of which might not it is in widely well-known to the wider audience the still watches broadcast television.

The overall decrease in classic TV the town hall and availability of clips virtual have cut into awards display audience levels as well.

Although CBS did no release any type of numbers because that the streaming audience, the network said the variety of people watching on that streaming service Paramount+ and also the CBS application doubled over last year.


While the transfer networks proceed to be in the rotation to lug the Emmy Awards, their presence past a couple of presenters and the hold remained scant.

Netflix overcame the night, sweeping the drama categories with “The Crown.” HBO’s streaming business HBO Max received significant recognition because that its comedy “Hacks,” while “Ted Lasso,” the an initial breakout hit for Apple TV+, earned four major awards including comedy series.

This year Emmy telecast, held by comedian Cedric the Entertainer, was the closest thing to a pre-pandemic awards display experience v a large vaccinated crowd under a tent in downtown Los Angeles.

The ambiance the the telecast was a significant improvement over 2020, as soon as the recipients that the tv Academy’s honors for creative thinking in the medium accepted from far locations, one of two people at their residences or in hotel suites. Similar setups were offered at various other awards shows, all of which saw enormous ratings declines.

This year Emmy show also had more comedy and also fewer earnest politics statements from award recipients, which have actually been known to revolve off some viewers.

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