Tuesday"s presidential controversy drew a large audience, but it fell quick of the record collection four years ago.

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The first presidential debate of 2020 was extensively panned by most observers — and also drew a smaller sized TV audience 보다 the record-setting an initial debate four years ago.

The 16 outlets that brought live coverage the the debate brought in 73.13 million viewers — the second-largest audience of any debate in the previous 24 years, per Nielsen figures, yet still fine behind the 84 million that watched the an initial general choice face-off of 2016. Streaming numbers are no included; vault widely regarded live occasions such together presidential debates and Super Bowls have actually under 10 percent of their median viewership from streaming.

On the seven best outlets carrying the conflict — transfer networks ABC, CBS, Fox and also NBC and cable channels CNN, Fox News and also NBC — the debate in between Donald Trump and Joe Biden drew a merged 67.4 million viewers. That’s under by 8 million viewers (about 11 percent) for those same channels’ coverage of the an initial 2016 debate.

Spanish-language broadcasters Telemundo and also Univision included 2.68 million viewers to the tally, and also Fox organization brought in 758,000 an ext people. PBS, CNNe, Newsmax, Newsy, Vice and also WGN America drew the continuing to be 2.3 million or for this reason viewers.

The very first 2016 dispute drew that is 84.4 million viewers across 13 networks and also had the best audience in the 60-year background of televised debates. In 2012, 67.2 million watched the opened debate.

On Tuesday, Fox News attracted the biggest audience of any type of individual network: 17.81 million viewers, well over its power from any type of of the 2016 debates. Abc finished 2nd with 12.62 million, followed by NBC, 9.67 million; CNN, 8.29 million; MSNBC, 7.19 million; CBS, 6.38 million; and also the Fox transfer network, 5.44 million.

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The transfer nets’ re-publishing of the audience fell significantly from 2016: The 34.1 million viewers top top the big four is down from 49.33 million for the very first 2016 debate, a fall of 31 percent. The three key cable news outlets, ~ above the various other hand, grew their audience by 28 percent to 33.29 million; Fox News (+57 percent) and also MSNBC (+47 percent) each posted large gains over the similar 2016 controversy — and also each set records for a basic election controversy telecast — while CNN declined by 15.5 percent.