If the felt favor everyone and their mother (of dragons) was watching video game of Thrones on Sunday night, it"s because they were.

According come HBO, a staggering 17.4 million viewers across cable, HBO Go, and also HBO now tuned into the video game of Thrones: Season 8 premiere ~ above Sunday — surpassing Thrones" previous ratings record from the finale the Season 7, which brought in 16.9 million viewers in July 2017.

The debut that Thrones" final season marked the largest night the streaming task in HBO"s history, and that means good things for the service"s other series.

Barry, a it is too dirty dramedy certification Saturday Night Live alum bill Hader, followed Thrones and saw its ideal night ever before with 2.2 million viewers.

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Similarly, HBO"s long-running comedy VEEP, which followed Barry, proficient its finest night since June 2016 v 1.5 million viewers.

And then Last week Tonight through John Oliver, which adhered to VEEP (which complied with Barry, which complied with Thrones), championed its ideal night since August 2016, bringing in an audience the 1.7 million.

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As pan play capture up ~ above Sunday"s Thrones premiere — and also dive right into the five remaining Thrones episodes in the coming weeks — viewership is likely to continue climbing for HBO programming across the board.

Ultimately, game of Thrones: Season 7 averaged 32.8 million viewers per episode. Season 8 is certain to burn that record right up. (Er... Sorry, tiny Ned.)

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