Voter Turnout

National Turnout Rates, 1787-2018

The complete time series of national presidential and midterm general election turnout rates from 1787-present.

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National and State Turnout Rates

Provided below are national and also state turnout prices for the voting-eligible populace for the 1980-2014 November general elections (spreadsheet because that this whole series). This spreadsheet now includes VAP and VEP estimates for the 2014 general election.National and also state turnout prices for the 2000-present elections space also available on the internet pages below, with details data notes.
Election 2020GeneralPrimary 2018General  2016GeneralPrimary2014 General 2012GeneralPrimary2010General 2008GeneralPrimary2006General 2004GeneralPrimary2002General 2000GeneralPrimary

Voter Demographics

Selected voter turnout prices by demographic teams from the Census Bureau"s Current population Survey (corrected for vote over-report and also non-response bias).

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Early Vote

Leading into some elections, near-real time beforehand voting statistics -- letter ballots or in-person -- are gathered for claims or localities, whereby available. Heritage pages listed here virtually certainly do not reflect establish totals as data collection frequently stops on election Day.


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