More than 2.2 million ballots have actually been cast in Georgia with either in-person early voting or mail-in/absentee ballots together of Friday.

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According come the U.S. Poll Project, a complete of 2,258,750 ballots have actually been cast by early on voters or mailed ago and accepted by counties/state. That puts the turnout rate prior to Election Day in ~ 32.3 percent that registered voter in Georgia.

Overall, much more than 1.7 million mail-in ballots have actually been asked for by voter in the state. Based on the numbers requested, about 24.7 percent that eligible voters in Georgia plan to poll absentee/mail-in and also the returned/accepted price of ballots stands at 49 percent.

The U.S. Elections Project added in-person early voting totals which verified a total of 1,410,130 in-person beforehand votes have actually been actors with just more than a main left to early vote. Voters over the age of 45 comprise 67.8 percent that the in-person early votes.

In the subway Atlanta area, the breakdown of absentee/mail-in ballots looks choose this:

Cobb ar - 179,826 ballots requested; 95,764 ballots returned and acceptedDeKalb ar - 170,856 ballots requested; 82,053 ballots returned and also acceptedFulton county - 208,406 ballots requested; 91,416 ballots returned and acceptedGwinnett county - 163,785 ballots requested; 62,261 ballots returned and also accepted

Breaking the absentee/mail-in vote under by race/ethnicity, Non-Hispanic White voters have returned 465,841 ballots contrasted to Non-Hispanic black color voters who have returned 263,897 ballots. According to the poll Project, 629,797 of the ballots changed came from people who voted in the 2016 basic Election while 218,823 or 25.8 percent, come from human being who didn"t poll in the 2016 general Election.

Voters end the age of 55 made up the largest team of voters who have actually returned absentee/mail-in ballots, with 557,365 the the much more than 848,620 mail-in/absentee ballots comes from that period group. Finally, mrs voters have actually returned an ext ballots than males by a 56.5 percent to 42.8 percent margin. Females likewise outnumber males in ballots requested by much more than 256,000.

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Nationwide, much more than 49 million ballots have been cast, follow to the U.S. Vote Project. Note, no all claims are reporting their early on voting number yet.


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