In the dark and cavernous mind of chairman Trump, Joe Biden’s poll count in last month’s election is, top top its face, proof of mail-in fraud. Eighty million votes! just how is that even possible?

What Trump doesn’t question, that course, is the definition of his own vote total, which was north the 74 million — higher than that of any type of president prior to him. And neither go anyone else.

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This is about more than parsing electoral statistics. It’s around what we take far from Trump’s muscular showing and also how that’s already affecting our politics.

Liberals have actually been obsessing top top this 74 million vote number — far much more than they have actually on Biden’s historic showing — since the election. Come them, it’s shocking proof that Trumpism only thrived in popularity end the four years in i beg your pardon Trump himself was conducting a national seminar in mismanagement and also bigotry.

If Trump can earn an ext votes than any sitting president ever, the reasoning goes, then plainly his activity is here to stay, and also he could even acquire himself reelected in 2024.

Meanwhile, republicans in Washington room trembling favor a bunch the chihuahuas in the face of Trump’s amazing power. Follow to The Post’s Paul Kane and Scott Clement, just 27 Congressional republicans will also admit that Trump lost.

To Republicans, the clear blog post of those 74 million votes is that Trump is just the most famous Republican in at the very least a generation.

The trouble is: us really have no idea what that 74 million figure means, because we have actually nothing advantageous to i m sorry we can compare it.

Why? because this was the an initial election the featured multiple means of casting a ballot pretty much everywhere, consisting of early and also by-mail voting. As a an outcome (and likewise because of heightened emotions in the electorate), turnout was the highest possible it has actually been in more than a century, clocking in at an ext than 66 percent.

Sure, most of that nontraditional voting increased Biden, largely since Democrats motivated it when the president cried conspiracy and also urged his followers to vote the old-fashioned way.

But Trump’s vote complete had to have benefited mightily, too. Every time one more batch the mail-in votes confirmed up, pass Biden that lot closer to success in key states, Trump’s haul flourished as well.

According to the university of Florida’s elections Project, around 20 says reported the number of mail-in ballots by party registration. In those states, about 10 million republic sent ago completed ballots, as did around 9 million nonaffiliated voters.

Even if a sizable chunk the those independent voter didn’t assistance Trump, and also even if we assume that some portion of Republicans would have presented up come the polls if they hadn’t had actually an option, that’s probably numerous votes the Trump i will not ~ have acquired in a timeless election — and also that doesn’t encompass data from giant states such as Texas, Ohio and brand-new York.

Absent the nontraditional approaches of voting that Trump castigates together fraud, that reasonable to think his vote total would have been lot closer to his 2016 showing — which, because that an incumbent president v all the advantages of the office, isn’t so exceptional at all.

In regards to share of the full vote, which is really the just apples-to-apples to compare we have the right to make, trump did about the very same as the did in 2016 and also the same as Mitt Romney did in 2012.

The critical president to lose an election in a two-way race, Gerald Ford, claimed 48 percent of the poll in 1976, compared with Trump’s 47. No one remembers Ford as having demonstrated an steel grip ~ above his party top top his means out the door.

Assuming we end up retaining the pandemic-era poll reforms that drove up turnout this year (and i think we will), it will certainly be number of cycles prior to we really have sufficient data to placed either Biden’s or Trump’s vote total this year right into context.

It’s most likely that fine look ago in two decades and say that Trump’s 74 million to be actually fairly low for an incumbent president in the era the the increased vote. That entirely feasible that we won’t watch an incumbent president garner fewer than 70 million votes in the following several decades.

Am ns saying Trump’s mirroring isn’t significant? No. I put myself in the camp of world who think that even 30 million votes for Trump would be a troubling authorize in a nation that counts itself as enlightened.

But go it make him some type of unstoppable phenomenon to it is in feared, also in defeat? Hardly. An ext likely, his showing drops squarely right into the brand-new normal the U.S. Elections.

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