View complete size(AP Photo/Geraudioeditorfree.comd Herbert)This photo taken ~ above April 21, 2010 reflects the Deepwater Horizon oil rig burning a job after the explode that killed 11 workers.

11 men shed their lives when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosive on April 20. Here is some basic information, culled from audioeditorfree.commost 20 media websites, around each that them.

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View full size( Anderson

Jason Anderson played middle linebacker at Tidehaven High college in El Maton, Texas. After attending smaudioeditorfree.coml college, he entered the oil-field business, beginning as a repaint chipper and audioeditorfree.comso quickly relocating up the ranks. He delighted in hunting, golfing and audioeditorfree.comso traveling. He loved to take trip so much that his mam learned come make sure their camper was audioeditorfree.comways well-stocked. On April 20, Anderson was wrapping up his last-ever transition on the Deepwater Horizon, because he had taken a new job as an elderly toolpusher top top the exploration Spirit. That cleaned out his locker and would have left the rig top top the an helicopter the end on the morning of April 21. In his phone speak to to his wife, he claimed he was glad he had the opportunity to watch his "rig brothers" one last time.

View complete size( Burkeen

A giant man v a round face and shaved head, Burkeen to be a father number on the Deepwater Horizon. Colleagues and audioeditorfree.comso relatives caudioeditorfree.comled him "Bubba." He was an avid deer hunter and fisherman who died four days prior to his 38th birthday. When the very first concussion struggle the rig, follow to witnesses, Burkeen began lowering the starboard crane's 150-foot boom into its cradle and audioeditorfree.comso locking that down. He acquired it to around a 30-degree angle as soon as he decided to make a operation for it. He was about haudioeditorfree.comfway down the staircase once a massive explosion occurred. His friend watched helplessly indigenous a lifeboat together the totaudioeditorfree.comity starboard next of the rig erupted.

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Clark had been a soybean farmer prefer his father till he determined to on the rig. Friends claimed Clark had actuaudioeditorfree.comly only two hrs left ~ above his shift and was as result of return residence April 21. Newellton Assistant Police chief Clarence haudioeditorfree.coml told a reporter that Clark was a an excellent man, "a family man, a great asset come the community. Any way he can help, that would." at the service, Clark's son, James Tate, taudioeditorfree.comked about how he and audioeditorfree.comso his mother and sister had actuaudioeditorfree.comly been living in St. Louis, how he'd viewed his mom "go v a most things" prior to she met Clark. However then Tate saw how his mother's "frowns turned to smiles," and he saw "how this man treated me. How he teach me things, like just how to fish and mow the lawn and audioeditorfree.comso drive a rod shift."

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Curtis was a U.S. veteran, a member the the Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department and audioeditorfree.comso an officer that the provide Parish Police Department. He had a enthusiasm for searching deer and audioeditorfree.comso turkey. He to be a NASCAR fan whose favorite driver was Jimmie Johnson. Because that the July 11 service, anyone was asked come wear camouflage.

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Wyatt Kemp had what his obituary defined as "a unique sense the humor." Courtney Kemp stated her husband of 5 years was fearless. At period 3, he was bitten by a cottonmouth snake and audioeditorfree.commost died. "After that, he wasn't fear of anything," she said. Wyatt Kemp love the outdoors and audioeditorfree.comso was an avid fisherman and hunter. He to be proud that his hunting dog, a chocolate Lab named Ellie. As the finish of every of Kemp's shifts drew near, Kaylee would begin a daily countdown till he come home. After ~ his death, Courtney Kemp began the fight to bring an ext attention come the rights and safety of oil ar workers while tho defending the industry.

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Born in Baton Rouge, La., Kleppinger was a U.S. Military veteran of operation Desert Storm. He appreciated NASCAR and audioeditorfree.comso cooking barbecue. He became an offshore oil worker 18 years back when his friend, wilhelm Davis, said, "I've got a task for you. Every you need is a pair of steel-toed boots." Kleppinger waudioeditorfree.comk not have actuaudioeditorfree.comly the money come buy a pair, so Davis gave him his boots. Kleppinger's brother-in-law, Matt Sudduth, works on one oil rig supply ship. He had actuaudioeditorfree.comly known Kleppinger because he to be 13 year old. Sudduth claimed that, choose audioeditorfree.coml offshore workers, Kleppinger knew he might be injured in a blowout any day. "He was the type of man who would provide you the shirt off his back," Tracy Kleppinger claimed at she husband's service. "He was simply a good, good man, and audioeditorfree.comso I don't know just how we're waudioeditorfree.comking to do it there is no him." according to the obituary, the "considered his crewmates on the Deepwater Horizon his 2nd family." it was asked for that memoriaudioeditorfree.coms made in his surname were offered to the Natchez Humane Society.