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Do you very own a gun? would you ever before consider owning one? The United says is break-up into thirdson the subject.

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Just under 30% that American adults currently own a gun. A little more than a third say they could own one in the future, and also the other 3rd can"t imagine ever before having one.

In April 2020, the rand Corporation released a long-term study tracking gun property in all 50 states, indigenous 1980 come 2016. They merged survey-based estimates with various other data indicative the gun ownership — shooting fatality records, gun-related newspaper subscriptions, background examine submissions and more — to identify the percent of adult in every state that live in a family with at least one gun.

We"ve ranked the states by those percentages. Store going to watch where your state falls.

In this photo, a guy with a rifle poses at a protest against the closure the Pennsylvania businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

49 (TIE). Massachusetts

Boston globe

An estimated 14.7% that Massachusetts adults have a gun in your home.

Here, Boston public official speak at a 2019 press conference come announce dues against more than 60 suspected corridor members.

49 (TIE). New Jersey

Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty images

An estimated 14.7% of new Jersey adults have a gun in your home.

Here, a man holds a handgun for sale in ~ the RTSP shooting variety in Randolph.

48. Rhode Island

David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe/Getty images

The study approximates 14.8% of adults in Rhode Island live in houses with guns.

David DeLoia, the owner that Heritage total & Coin in West Warwick, says he has seen an uptick in applications for gun purchases due to the fact that businesses to be shuttered throughout the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

47. Hawaii

Marina Riker/AP

An approximated 14.9% of adults in Hawaii have firearms at home.

Here, Jerry Ilo teaches a hunter-education training food in Honolulu.

46. Brand-new York

Andrew Burton/Getty images

An estimated 19.9% of new Yorkers share their houses with at least one firearm.

These once-illegally-owned firearms were seized through the brand-new York Police room in 2013.

45. Connecticut

Handout/Getty photos

In Connecticut, 23.6% that adults have a firearm in their homes.

This police photograph shows guns and also ammunition found with the shooter"s human body at Sandy Hook Elementary school in 2012.

44. Illinois

Jim Young/AFP/Getty pictures

In Illinois, 27.8% of adults have actually at least one firearm at home.

Dr. Shandrea Boyd shoots at the Eagle sporting activities gun selection during a concealed-carry certification check in Oak Forest.

43. California

note Ralston/AFP/Getty pictures

An approximated 28.3% of adults in California have weapons in their homes.

Los Angeles market Eric Garcetti shows the results of an anonymous gun buyback regime in 2017.

42. Maryland

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty pictures

Guns are in the family members of an estimated 30.2% the Marylanders.

A woman techniques holding a handgun at a nationwide Rifle Association virtual shooting booth in national Harbor.

41. Delaware

Miller"s Gun facility

An estimated 34.4% the Delaware adults share their residences with at the very least one firearm.

Revolvers space on display at Miller"s Gun center in new Castle.

40. Florida

Joe Raedle/Getty pictures

An estimated 35.3% of adult in Florida live in dwellings with guns.

Brandon Wexler demonstrates through a weapon in ~ the K&W Gunworks keep in Delray Beach.

39. Ohio

Spencer Platt/Getty pictures

In Ohio, 40% the adults have actually at the very least one firearm in ~ home.

Customers peruse the merchandise in ~ a gun present in Mansfield.

38. Michigan

Jeff Kowalsky/AFP/Getty images

In Michigan, 40.2% that adults have actually at the very least one gun at home.

Here, equipped protesters calling because that an end to restrictions to avoid the spread out of COVID-19 gather outside the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing in April 2020.

37. Pennsylvania

Getty photos

An estimated 40.7% that Pennsylvanians have weapons in your homes.

Gun salesperson Nathan Palermo is presented here stop an AR-15.

36. Brand-new Hampshire

Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty pictures

In brand-new Hampshire, 41.1% of adult have firearms in their homes.

A customer handle a shotgun in Merrimack. Sales double from 2015 to 2016, the store owner said.

35. Washington

Karen Ducey/Getty images

Guns room in the family members of an approximated 42.1% that Washington state residents.

Tiffany Teasdale, owner that Lynnwood Gun and Ammunition, displayed a Daniel Defense DD5 semi-automatic rifle ~ above April 2, 2020. The keep would not comply with Governor Jay Inslee"s pandemic-induced closure of non-essential sleeve stores, Teasdale said.

34. Minnesota

Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty photos

An approximated 42.8% of Minnesotans share their dwellings with at the very least one firearm.

A Ruger .22 caliber semiautomatic and other guns are shown on one American flag in Woodbury.

33. Iowa

Scott Olson/Getty photos

In Iowa, 43.6% of adults have firearms in their homes.

High institution students prepare because that a trapshooting complement in Osage.

32. Virginia

win McNamee/Getty images

Around 44.6% of adults in Virginia have guns at home.

A protester put on a pistol ~ above his hip throughout a "Unite the Right" demonstration in Charlottesville.

31. Indiana

Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty pictures

In Indiana, 44.8% of adults have at the very least one firearm at home.

An NRA convention-goer hold a 24-karat-gold-plated Desert Eagle pistol at the Indiana Convention center in Indianapolis.

30. Colorado

Joshua Lott/Getty images

An estimated 45.1% of adults in Colorado live in houses with guns.

Here, a shrub Master AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is shown at Firing-Line gun shop in Aurora.

29. Nebraska

Andrew Burton/Getty pictures

An approximated 45.2% of Nebraska adult have guns in your homes.

28. Wisconsin

Joshua Lott/AFP/Getty pictures

Guns room in the dwellings of 45.3% the Wisconsinites.

A model walks the runway during the NRA Concealed lug Fashion show in Milwaukee.

27. Texas

note Felix/AFP/Getty photos

In Texas, 45.7% of adults live in residences with guns.

A man carries a rifle with a Texas flag attached come it throughout a police-appreciation rally in Houston.

26. North Carolina

Brian Blanco/Getty pictures

The report found that 45.8% of adult in phibìc Carolina have firearms in your homes.

Bret Reid shows off a Remington 700 hunting rifle and a Remington 1100 shotgun at Atlantic Outdoors total shop in Stokesdale.

25. Brand-new Mexico

Morgan Lee/AP

The gun-ownership rate in new Mexico is 46.2%.

Salesman Nathan Williams attends to customers at The Outdoorsman pistol shop in Santa Fe.

24. Arizona

man Moore/Getty pictures

In Arizona, an estimated 46.3% of adults have guns at home.

Members that a self-appointed civilian paramilitary team prepare come patrol the U.S.-Mexico border close to Arivaca.

22 (TIE). Utah

George Frey/Getty images

In Utah, about 46.8% of adult share their houses with guns.

The owner of prepared Gunman in Springville stands behind the respond to at his shop.

22 (TIE). Maine

Robert F. Bukaty/AP

The study likewise found that 46.8% of adult in Maine have at least one gun in ~ home.

Former Portland police chief Michael Chitwood holds a confiscated MAC-10 completely automatic pistol.

21. Nevada

David Becker/Getty pictures

An approximated 47.3% of Nevada adult have weapons in your homes.

Country music star Miranda Lambert attends the 51st Academy of nation Music Awards at MGM cool Garden Arena with a small pistol fastened to her shoe.

20. Missouri

Laurie Skrivan/St. Luigi Post-Dispatch/Tribune News Service/Getty pictures

In Missouri, 48.8% of adults have guns at home.

In so late June 2020, Mark and Patricia McCloskey that St. Louis brandished firearms at black Lives issue protesters. The pair said they were defending your home. They were later charged v one counting each that unlawful use of a weapon, a felony.

19. Kansas

Travis Morisse/AP

An approximated 48.9% the Kansas adults have firearms in their homes.

Assistant Kansas Attorney general Amy Hanley reflects a jury a Ruger Redhawk gun during a 2013 murder trial.

18. Georgia

Scott Olson/Getty photos

Around 49.2% of Georgians live in dwellings with guns.

Makenzie win poses with a black Rain Ordinance rifle at an NRA occasion in Atlanta. She father snaps a photo.

17. Southern Carolina

mark Makela/Getty photos

In southern Carolina, 49.4% of adult share their dwellings with at the very least one gun.

Mike Jones poses beside a display of weapons in a gun store in Simpsonville.

16. Vermont

Toby Talbot/AP

An estimated 50.5% of Vermont adults have firearms in your homes.

Police display drugs and guns confiscated in the state.

15. Oregon

Afp/AFP/Getty images

Guns are in the family members of 50.8% the Oregonians.

Handguns are shown here in ~ Roseburg gun Shop in Roseburg.

14. Tennessee

Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty pictures

In Tennessee, 51.6% of adults have guns in your homes.

Convention-goers look at Old West handguns in ~ an NRA gathering in Nashville.

13. Louisiana

Getty images

An estimated 53.1% of adults in the Bayou State have weapons at home.

While she husband look at on, Madelie Sellers shooting a .45 caliber pistol at Precision Guns and Indoor variety in Baton Rouge.

12. Kentucky

Scott Olson / Getty pictures

In Kentucky, 54.6% of adults have firearms at home.

Christian Florea, 10, looks over an FN MK 48 maker gun in ~ an NRA occasion in Louisville.

11. Oklahoma

Sue Ogrocki/AP

In Oklahoma, 54.7% of adult have firearms at home.

The founder and president of H&H Gun range smiles in ~ a Henry golden Boy rifle at his store in Oklahoma City.

10. North Dakota

James Warden/AP

Guns are in the family members of 55.1% of adult in phibìc Dakota.

Rick Berg target shoots in ~ the nationwide Guard Armory in Bismarck.

9. Southern Dakota

James Nord/AP

An approximated 55.3% of south Dakota adults have weapons in their homes.

A weapons instructor watches together State Rep. Sam Marty shoot a target in ~ a legislation enforcement training basic in Pierre in 2014.

8. Alabama

Davis Turner/AP

An approximated 55.5% of adult in Alabama have firearms at home.

Prince wilhelm County prosecutor Richard C. Conway holds the tight of a small gun during a 2003 trial.

7. Mississippi

Rogelio V. Solis/AP

In Mississippi, 55.8% of adult have guns at home.

Jake Driskell, a police officer and owner of Gun man Tactical, help first-time shooter Katherine Huffman in Petal.

6. Arkansas

Danny Johnston/AP

Around 57.2% the Arkansans have firearms in your homes.

A North little Rock total shop display screens a semi-automatic handgun and also a holster.

5. West Virginia

Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty photos

An approximated 58.5% of West Virginia adults have firearms in their homes.

Fortitude Ranch is a survivalist retreat in Mathias. Your motto is, "Prepare because that the Worst... Gain the Present!" Here, the camp"s chief operation officer stands next to a 50-caliber gun.

According come the camp"swebsite, members can enjoy outdoor an are for long walking or raising livestock too as much more than a dozen basement rooms, should civilization need protected from radioactive fallout. The facility also functions together a time share: Members can publication the ranch for 2 weeks every year for household vacations.

4. Idaho

Elaine Thompson/AP

The study found that 60.1% the Idaho adults have firearms at home.

3. Alaska

Andrew Burton/Getty pictures

In Alaska, 64.5% of adult share their homes with at the very least one firearm.

Children shoot a rifle in Newtok.

2. Wyoming

Ben Neary/AP

In Wyoming, an approximated 66.2% of adult live in residences with guns.

The co-owners of Thunder Beast eight Corp. Prepare come shoot high-powered rifles in ~ a variety west that Cheyenne.

1. Montana

Matt Gouras/AP

With 66.3% of adult living in homes with guns, Montana is the highest-ranking state top top this list.

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