More than four million votes have already been actors in the November election, according to data from the United claims Election Project, noting a fiftyfold increase over the 75,000 votes tape-recorded at this point in the 2016 election.

At the time of writing, 4,250,006 ballots have been cast in the 31 says that publicly report that information and have voting already underway; the figure can be supposed to flourish rapidly in coming weeks as much more early voting it s okay underway.

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Such a high volume that votes this early in the election has actually led the college of Florida’s Michael McDonald, that administers the project, come predict a record-breaking turnout of around 150 million voters, Reuters report, a number not seen because 1908.

136,669,276 complete votes were cast in the 2016 presidential election, follow to the commonwealth Elections Commission.

Crucial Quote

“We’ve never ever seen this many people voting so much ahead of an election,” McDonald told Reuters top top Tuesday. “People actors their ballots when they consist of their minds, and also we recognize that many people made up your minds long ago and already have a judgment about Trump.”

Key Background

The plot of poll itself, in enhancement to how one’s poll is cast, is currently a politics act. Throughout his reelection campaign, Trump has regularly and baselessly assaulted mail-in voting, declare high levels of voter fraud. No evidence supports this claim, v Facebook going for this reason far as to ban ads that made the claim. With an boosted reliance on mail-in voting, the is increasingly likely that the winner the the election will not be recognized until after election day. Trump’s an extensive efforts to delegitimize mail-in vote threaten chaos if there is no clear winner come choice night.

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What come Watch the end For

Several states have actually yet to start early voting or mailing out ballots come voters. Together we get closer to election day, the variety of votes actors prior to election day can be intended to skyrocket.

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