Humans have actually been tattooing their bodies for hundreds of years — the 5,300-year-old corpse of a man uncovered in the Alps near the Italian-Austrian border was spanned in them. It"s the faster known proof of an art coming to be increasingly common and also socially accepted. (Remember as soon as tattoos to be a sign of a troublemaker?) In fact, an ext than 4 in 10 human being in the joined States have actually at least one tattoo, follow to data indigenous Statista. Here"s a closer watch at several of the an ext unexpected and eye-opening facts and also attitudes concerned ink in America.

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Statista spoke v 1,021 civilization for the survey, was standing in because that the 329 million world counted in the U.S. Census — and also 44% stated they had actually one or an ext tattoos, because that a representative 145 million people. Most world (35%) have actually just one tattoo, and also the number of people goes down as the variety of tattoos goes up:

Two or 3 tattoos: 19%Four or 5 tattoos: 18%11 to 20 tattoos: 9%More 보다 20 tattoos: 3%

Still, that way about 4.4 million american have more than 20 tattoos on their bodies.

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Asked exactly how they would describe human being with tattoos, 40% of respondents (hmm, roughly the very same number who have tattoos!) said, "Rebellious." the was followed by:

Attractive (39%)Spiritual (35%)Respectable (29%)Intelligent (28%)Healthy (18%)Irrational (11%)Violent (10%)

"Body octopus was connected with civilization who lived on the fringes of society, human being who had been come jail or worked as seafarers at best," follow to the Statista report. "Nowadays, tattooed people are often still considered an ext rebellious and less respectable than those without, yet having a tattoo go not cause social ostracism anymore." 

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The cliches around "bad boys" space true: civilization find tattooed men an ext masculine, dominant, and also aggressive however expect them to be bad partners and also fathers, Psychology now says in reporting — with some uncertainty — the outcomes of a examine in Poland. Meanwhile, in a dating app study, 18% that women claimed men"s tattoos to be a turn-on, and 14% of men said they felt the same way about women"s tattoos.

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Forearms stay the most famous location for tattoos, with 40% of respondent opting for this human body part. The following most popular spots:

Back (39%)Hand or wrist (34%)Upper arms (33%)Chest (28%)Shoulder (28%)

Where things get amazing is … well, whereby things obtain interesting. Around 5% of people have sharp the needle to your buttocks or about their genitals, for some 7.3 million Americans, while just 2% to be bold enough to go for a face tattoo. That"s a totality 3 million people, though, and also another 12% (or 17 million people) take it on the neck.

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Did someone say face tattoo? It bring to mental the infamous teardrop tattoos found on felons and also in rap culture, which deserve to have several meanings, according to a prison-savvy writer for organization Insider. It could signal a successful murder — or if the teardrop is just an outline, an test murder. Or it can mean a friend was murdered, and the killer had far better watch out. However depending whereby you are, a teardrop tattoo can just represent a lengthy prison term.

Before it was the Outer limits tattoo parlor and became component museum, this long Beach, California, shop was Bert Grimm"s Tattoo, so famed for that is artistry that a entirety tattoo district developed around it for a while. The steadiest customers were seafarers on leave, but part of the appeal to be Grimm"s clientele before moving to sunny California: gangsters and also bank robbers such together Bonnie Parker, that Bonnie and also Clyde fame, and Pretty young Floyd. But being open for 93 years pales beside Tattoo-Ol, the Denmark tattoo that opened up in the 1800s, according to The Richest, or a shop in Jerusalem the dates back to the at an early stage 1700s.

If tattoos space a rite the passage, Statista finds that most undergo it at period 18 or younger (40%). The next many popular expectations for acquiring inked: 19 to 29 years old (39%). After ~ that, the numbers decrease dramatically:

30 to 39 years old: 11%40 come 49 years old: 6%50 come 59 years old: 2%60 or older: 1%

That still way some 1.5 million world in the United claims are gaining ink in or after their seventh decade.

When would you allow your youngsters get a tattoo? when they"re younger than 18? A vast majority of respondents claimed no, the 18 or enlarge was best (50%). One more 19% the respondents suggested the son would need to be 21 or enlarge (though as soon as a kid is past 18, it may be hard to manage such a decision). Sixteen percent the parents claimed they would never permit their children to obtain a tattoo. An excellent luck through that, folks.

About 2% the Statista respondents stated they had spent more than $5,000 ~ above tattoos, and 4% had spent $2,501 come $5,000, which argues that upward of 9 million Americans have actually dropped hundreds of dollars on their skin art. If "cheap tattoo" sounds like a poor idea, think about that many ink fans (27%) paid much less than $100 because that theirs.

It"s seldom a great idea to etch the name of your partner permanently on her body — but who listens? about 43% of inspection respondents said they would acquire a tattoo in honor of who they love. Does love last? Tattoos do. Other renowned reasons for acquiring a tattoo:

Style or beauty, beauty (37%)To note a new chapter in life (34%)To remember a location or event (27%) 

We all have regrets in life. For many people, getting a tattoo is apparently not one of them. Simply 19% of inspection participants said they regretted acquiring their tattoo, while 81% have never had second thoughts. In another survey question, simply 2% reported acquiring a tattoo removed, and also another 18% claimed they could imagine someday having one removed. That was unimaginable to 68% of people with tattoos.

If you"re among those with tattoo regrets, girlfriend don"t want to try to exactly the case yourself. Home solutions — which incorporate trying to literally eliminate the tattooed skin and rubbing in salt; scraping v sand; and applying lemon juice or (harmlessly however pointlessly) aloe vera and also yogurt — room all bad, useless, and also might cause permanent scarring, Healthline reports.

Removal v a laser can work — more easily for an easy "stick tattoos" and, interestingly, the closer come the heart the tattoo has actually been attracted — but it needs multiple sessions and costs anywhere from several hundred to number of thousand dollars for every among them. Ouch.

Nearly one in five Americans (17%) there is no a tattoo claims it"s simply due to the fact that they can"t decision on a layout or part of the body. Other human being have abstained because they:

Don"t find tattoos attractive (17%)Fear it will hurt (20%)Worry they won"t like it after a when (20%)Simply don"t want one (42%)

When in search of a tattoo parlor, human being are thrust by one dominating factor — and also it"s not hygiene.

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The artist who will execute the work (77%) Hygiene (66%)Cost (59%)The studio"s call (51%)Recommendations (35%)The brand of ink that"s offered (19%)

In what professions are visible tattoos most acceptable? The lion"s re-superstructure of respondent (70%) claimed they"re perfect acceptable because that restaurant servers. For various other professions, less so:

Police officer: 62%"Top manager": 56%Teacher: 54%Doctor: 52%Lawyer: 49% News anchor: 49% 

"Today, tattoos space a means of self-expression have end up being acceptable because that professionals," the research says. "While they have actually been covert in public under long sleeves and collars because that decades, they are now often shown off proudly; professional reasons are rarely cited because that not having a tattoo nowadays."

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