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* police occupational the scene wherein 3 world were hurt in a shooting, including a 11-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, external a Citgo gas terminal at N. Sacramento Blvd and W. Fulton St. In the east Garfield Park neighborhood, Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021. A earlier to institution picnic was happening at the Citgo as soon as the shooting occurred. Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times
the was claimed to be a joyous day in eastern Garfield Park, a back-to-school event for children who live in one of the deadliest communities in

Organizers handed the end backpacks, popcorn and cotton liquid as youngsters jumped in bouncy houses and also danced to local rappers on a clear Saturday afternoon.

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As points were winding down, a red vehicle passed and the little gathering of households was pce by bullets. Kids and also parents tripped end each other as they ran for cover. One 11-year-old boy, his 14-year-old step-sister and one the the rappers to be hit.

“They simply started shooting and there was just a entirety bunch the bullets,” stated the 14-year-old, Ayonna Fleming Peterson. “I knew I obtained hit in the ankle and my very first thing, i panicked, ns was feather around, looking approximately for mine brother and also then ns noticed i was fight in my foot too.”

Lamar Peterson claimed his youngsters are recovering, however that there is no dimmed his anger. “They are all traumatized,” that said. “We were just there to spread some love come the community.”

Ayonna Fleming Peterson and her 11-year-old step-brother were amongst eight children shot over the vacation weekend. provided by Lamar Fleming The assault was part of labor Day weekend violence the punctuated the end of summer in a year the has already seen an ext shootings than all of 2019.

At least 67 civilization were shot over the long holiday, including eight children. Among them, a 4-year-old boy called Mychal Moultry Jr., was eliminated when bullets smashed through a home window and hit that in the head as he was gaining his hair braided.

There have actually been an ext than 3,100 shooting victim this year, follow to the city’s many recent data. That’s up 9% indigenous the 2,849 shooting victim this time last year, and also 69% over the 1,838 victim this time in 2019. The number for every one of 2019 was 2,664.

There were 535 homicides in v Sept. 6, virtually 2% over the 525 homicides this time critical year and virtually 53% above the 350 homicides over the same period in 2019.

The worst recent year for gun violence in was 2016, once there were an ext than 4,300 shooting victims and an ext than 762 killing – the highest death toll due to the fact that the mid-1990s.

This year has been particularly deadly for children 15 and also younger. The Sun-Times reported in early on summer that kids were dying from gun violence in ~ a price three times greater than last year.

The pace ongoing through the summer, according to a Sun-Times analysis. At least 16 children 15 and younger – 11 boys and also five girl – have been shot and also killed.

Sun-Times data also shows the city initiatives to mitigate gun violence in the deadliest neighborhoods have collapse short.

Only five of 15 targeted areas on the West and also South sides have actually seen fewer homicides than this time critical year, and also only 3 have had fewer shootings, according to a Sun-Times analysis.

Over the vacation weekend, market Lori Lightfoot promised a new initiative against gang violence but did no disclose any type of details. However, she promised “there must be no gang member in who has actually a comfortable night sleep.”

* police job-related the scene whereby 3 people were wounded in a shooting, consisting of a 11-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, outside a Citgo gas station at N. Sacramento Blvd and W. Fulton St. In the eastern Garfield Park neighborhood, Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021. A earlier to college picnic was happening in ~ the Citgo when the shooting occurred. Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times Peterson said his intentions Saturday was to do some great and possibly keep youngsters out the harm’s way. He has actually hosted in ~ least 4 backpack giveaways this year in neighborhoods on the South and also West sides.

“I was strictly there to carry joy come the community,” said Peterson, who likewise DJed the event.

The occasion was held from noon until 3 p.m. Saturday in ~ a gas terminal parking lot of in the 2900 block the West Fulton. Peterson said it was going so well the rapper VT Badboy’ chose to stick around for the kids.

The gunmen in the red auto passed by about half an hour later.

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“It go from children jumping v popcorn and moms taking images of their kids to completely automatic tools being fired,” Peterson said. “The kids ran and also they tripped end each other and the parents were crawling end the youngsters — everyone was just running, screaming.”

Peterson’s daughter and stepson to be sitting top top a go-cart when she to be shot in the calf and ankle and also he endured a graze wound come his hip.

“I to be passing the end popcorn and also cotton candy and also we began to clean up and also I sat under in the go-cart,” Ayonna said. “I obtained to the car. ‘Daddy I obtained shot, daddy I gained shot.’ Hopped in the car, both mine brothers acquired in the car and also we simply rushed to the hospital.”

Both children were cure at rush University medical Center and also have since been released. “I’m law a small bit better, yes times as soon as my foot hurts,” Ayonna said.

The rapper, 25, to be shot lot of times and was required to Mount Sinai Hospital in great condition, police said.

Less than an hour prior to the shooting, the rapper post a video to his Facebook page of him jumping in a bouncy home with a group of kids. The inscription read, “This that I execute it for.”