An typical of 13 Christians killed every day. That’s virtually 400 Christians dying every month. Just since they monitor Jesus.

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These space staggering and also sobering statistics.

(Above photo: minister Jeremiah’s town was struck in April 2020 as component of a enormous wave that violence versus Christians in Nigeria’s middle Belt)

But our research study for Open Doors’ 2021 world Watch List—the most detailed investigative report focusing on global Christian persecution available—reveals the each work of the reporting duration for the list, from October 2019 come September 2020, an mean of 13 Christians to be violently killed for your faith.

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This year, the total variety of Christian martyrs raised from 4,305 (WWL 2020) to 4,761 (WWL 2021). Save in mind that this number is likely to be much lower than the actual fact because, specifically in closed nations like north Korea and Afghanistan or conflict-ridden areas like Somalia and Libya, killings are often done in secrecy and/or go unreported. No one in a North oriental prison camp or a Muslim people in Somalia is report the murder of a Christian. Yet open up Doors has talked to thousands of believers and also refugees to know that Christians are dying for their faith—every day.

And countless Christians die because of their increased vulnerability in conflict, through irreversible deprivation of straightforward necessities, or exemption from socioeconomic aid.

Across the top 50 nations on the civilization Watch List, push is rising. In 2021, all 50 countries registered a “very high” level that persecution, up from 45 in 2020. The full points that persecution scores in these 50 countries have spiked, and the threshold to gain into the peak 50 has actually risen again.

Persecution against Christians has actually risen for 15 consecutive years.

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340+ million believers suffer high levels of persecution

In many oriental countries violence is much more “subtle.” In a nation such as India—once again No. 10 top top the people Watch list for the third consecutive year, open up Doors partners have shared many accounts that violence. Christians room beaten up, hurt or chased far from their homes. Numerous live in fear. But the number of killings that Christians report is an extremely limited. Again, this number is most likely higher.

In enhancement to murder, Christians likewise faced violence in various other ways. Much more than 340 million Christians endure high levels of persecution and also discrimination for their faith. In open Doors’ world Watch List height 50 alone, 309m believer suffer very high or excessive levels. It is one in 8 worldwide, 1 in 6 in Africa, 2 out of 5 in Asia, and 1 in 12 in Latin America.

During the human being Watch perform reporting period (from October 2019 to September 2020):

4,488 churches or Christian structures were attacked4,277 Christians to be unjustly arrested, detained or imprisoned1,710 Christians were abducted because that faith-related reasons.

That means each day, 12 congregations, and also five christians a day confront the nightmare the kidnapping. Every month, an typical of 356 believer go with the trauma the unjust arrest, detainment or imprisonment.

Additionally, areas in Latin America the are vulnerable to medicine gangs have end up being even an ext dangerous because that Christians, since the pandemic has reduced the presence of official authorities who try to preserve order.

Turkey climbed to No. 25 native No. 36 due to increase in violence versus Christians. Bangladesh climbed to 31 native 38, as result of violent strikes on Christian converts amongst its Rohingya refugees.

In the 21st century, it’s quiet not possible to exercise religion or ideas safely for much more than 340 million human being worldwide.

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One Church, One Family

The numbers space important, however the people Watch List study represents so lot more. Behind every statistic and fact is a life, a family, a church the represents deep experiencing but also courage and inspiring faith. With Jesus, we and also every Christian life in north Korea, Somalia, Afghanistan and also the rest of the peak 50 nations on the 2020 civilization Watch List are one Church, one Family.