These charts and figures stand for a basic breakdown of the composition of our campus by race and ethnicity, age, and gender for faculty, staff, and also students who pick to self-report your identities. Additional statistical info is available through the college Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR). The links below each figure will take you come the details statistical table native which the numbers are created.

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Undergraduate StudentsGraduate StudentsFacultyStaff
24,231 enrolled undergraduate students7,814 enrolled graduate students (including CPE)1,084 tenure-track faculty4,483 staff
54% room women52% space women42% room women53% room women
17% space from underrepresented groups*18% room from underrepresented groups*11% space from underrepresented groups*13% space from underrepresented groups*
22% the the beginning first-year class are first-generation university students35% room doctoral students55% of all instructional faculty space tenured, 74% of instructional tenure-system faculty87% are union represented
7% room international27% are international/non-domestic  

* african American, Chicano/Latino, and also Native American/Alaska Native. Based upon US citizens/permanent occupants reporting race/ethnicity


University Analytics and Institutional Research, fall Enrollment truth Sheet, autumn 2021

Undergraduate Students

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Graduate Students

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Campus Statistics

University Analytics and Institutional research study is responsible for reporting plenty of of the official statistics pertaining come students, faculty and also staff top top the campus. Listed below are links to vital statistics concerned"s campus diversity.

The existing Diversity Strategic arrangement encourages the university to collect much more information on added forms that diversity. 

Student Data 

Admissions, enrollment and retention and also graduation price statistics by assorted demographic features including race/ethnicity. Additionally:

Faculty and Staff

Faculty Data (includes gender and minority condition by college/school, by scholastic rank, and also by median salary)

Staff Data (race/ethnicity and gender by project classification)

Key statistics are additionally summarized in the annual "At a Glance" factsheet.

Affirmative Action publishes an yearly Affirmative action Program which has been emerged in compliance v federal regulations, but likewise serves to inform the campus ar of our cumulative efforts and progress in matters pertained to affirmative activity and same opportunity.

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Clery Act Police department (UMPD) maintains records and data concerned Clery Act, consisting of campus security and also crime statistics. Visit the UMPD website for the complete list the data.