Rutgers University-Camden is a higher education institution situated in Camden County, NJ. In 2016, the most famous Bachelor"s degree concentrations in ~ Rutgers University-Camden were Registered nursing (248 levels awarded), general Business administration & administration (209 degrees), and General wellness Services (115 degrees).

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In 2019, 1,782 degrees were awarded across all undergraduate and also graduate programs at Rutgers University-Camden. 59% that these levels were awarded to women, and also 41% awarded men. The most typical race/ethnicity team of level recipients was white (992 degrees), 3.72 times much more than climate the next closest race/ethnicity group, black color or african american (267 degrees).

The typical undergraduate tuition in ~ Rutgers University-Camden is $12,230, i beg your pardon is $−9,796 less than the national median for master Colleges and also Universities ($22,027).


The median undergraduate tuition in ~ Rutgers University-Camden is $12,230, i m sorry is $−9,796 less than the national typical for master Colleges and also Universities ($22,027).

In 2019, 73% of undergraduate students received federal grants, if 64% the undergraduate students got federal loans.

In 2019, the expense of tuition in ~ Rutgers University-Camden to be $12,230. The cost of tuition at Rutgers University-Camden is $−9,796 less than than the all at once (public and private) national typical for masters Colleges and also Universities ($22,027).

This chart compares the tuition prices of Rutgers University-Camden (in red) with those of other comparable universities.

In 2019 Rutgers University-Camden had an average net price — the price paid after factoring in grants and also loans — the $13,844. Between 2018 and also 2019, the average net price of Rutgers University-Camden thrived by 12.7%.

This graph compares the mean net price that Rutgers University-Camden (in red) with that the other similar universities.

Average net price is calculated indigenous full-time beginning undergraduate students that were forgive a approve or scholarship indigenous federal, state or neighborhood governments, or the institution.

The typical yearly cost of room and board at Rutgers University-Camden to be of $11,454 in 2019. Throughout the exact same period, the mean yearly expense of books and also supplies to be $1,350. The expense of room and also board decreased by 24.8% between 2018 and also 2019. The expense of books and also supplies go not adjust during the same period.

This chart compares the median student costs at Rutgers University-Camden (in red) with that of comparable universities.

73% that undergraduate students at Rutgers University-Camden received grants or loans in 2019. This to represent a decline of 1.35% v respect to 2018, when 74% that undergraduate students obtained financial aid.

This graph compares the median award discount in ~ Rutgers University-Camden (in red) v that that other similar universities.

The typical award discount is the ratio in between the average grant or scholarship value, and also the cost, i beg your pardon is the sum of out-of-state tuition, room, board, book, supplies, and other expenses.

Cohort default rates only account for borrowers who default in the an initial three years, and also some colleges only have actually a small proportion of borrower entering repayment. This rates need to be taken with caution, together they may not be reflective that the entire school population.

In 2017 the default price for borrower"s in ~ Rutgers University-Camden was 3.6%, which to represent 480 out of the 13316 full borrowers.

A cohort default rate is the portion of a school"s borrowers who go into repayment on certain Federal Family education and learning Loan (FFEL) regimen or wilhelm D. Ford Federal straight Loan (Direct Loan) program loans during a details federal budget year (FY), October 1 to September 30, and default or meet other specified conditions prior come the finish of the second following budget year.

Rutgers University-Camden got 10,451 undergraduate applications in 2019, which to represent a 10.3% annual growth. Out of those 10,451 applicants, 8,277 college student were accepted for enrollment, representing a 79.2% acceptance rate.

There to be 7,233 college student enrolled at Rutgers University-Camden in 2019, and 95% of first-time enrollees submitted satellite scores v their applications.

Rutgers University-Camden has an in its entirety enrollment yield of 9.05%, which represents the variety of admitted students who ended up enrolling.

In 2019, the undergraduate acceptance price of Rutgers University-Camden to be 79.2% (8,277 admissions from 10,451 applications). This is higher than the acceptance price of 2018, which to be 71.4%. In between 2018 and 2019, the number of applicants prospered by 10.3%, while admissions flourished by 22.3%.

This graph compares the acceptance rate of Rutgers University-Camden (in red) with that that other comparable universities.

95%of enrolled first-time students at Rutgers University-Camden in2019submitted sat scores v their applications.

This chart shows the satellite scores because that the 25th and 75th percentile the applicants broken out right into each section of the test that their room evaluated on.

Rutgers University-Camden has a total enrollment that 7,233 students. The permanent enrollment in ~ Rutgers University-Camden is 5,467 students and the part-time enrollment is 1,766. This means that 75.6% of student enrolled in ~ Rutgers University-Camden are enrolled full-time.

The enrolled student populace at Rutgers University-Camden, both undergraduate and graduate, is 46.8% White, 16.7% black or african American, 15.6% hispanic or Latino, 9.77% Asian, 3.86% 2 or an ext Races, 0.235% aboriginal Hawaiian or other Pacific Islanders, and 0.166% American Indian or Alaska Native.

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Students enrolled in ~ Rutgers University-Camden in full-time Undergraduate programs space most generally White female (25.6%), complied with by White masculine (17.2%) and also Black or african American mrs (12.8%). Student enrolled in permanent Graduate programs room most typically White woman (30.1%), complied with by White masculine (27.9%) and also Black or afri American female (6.86%).