Nine people, including Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, to be on a helicopter when it crashed into a hillside in the Calabasas area northwest the Los Angeles.

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A basketball icon, his 13-year-old daughter, young basketball football player who shared a passion for the game and also their household members were among those killed when a helicopter crashed right into a hillside on a foggy morning northwest of Los Angeles.

The group, which developed a bond v sports, to be on its way to a girls basketball competition at the Mamba sporting activities Academy in Newbury Park. The Sikorsky S-76B left john Wayne airport in Orange County just after 9 a.m., climate made a U-turn in the Calabasas area, climbed and then made a steep descent.

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Five family members altogether shed their love ones in the helicopter accident that eliminated Kobe Bryant. Christine Kim reports because that the NBC4 News in ~ 11 p.m. Monday, Jan. 27, 2020.

Kobe BryantThe 41-year-old Lakers an excellent and others on the helicopter to be flying come the Mamba sporting activities Academy in Newbury Park for a girls basketball tournament. Bryant regularly took helicopters to prevent Los Angeles" notorious traffic. He retired in 2016 from the NBA ~ 20 periods with the Lakers, finishing his legendary career third on the NBA"s all-time scoring list. The won 5 NBA titles. He functioned with younger generations of football player at the Mamba sporting activities Academy and specialized time come charities and other causes off the court.

In the months adhering to his death, basketball fans and others that were influenced by Bryant remembered him with murals and other heartfelt tributes.

Timeline: A Look earlier at Kobe Bryant's NBA Career

Gianna BryantKobe Bryant"s 13-year-old daughter to be a rising youth star, frequently seen court-side immersed in the activity at Lakers games. Far better known together Gigi, she to be the second-oldest that the Bryants" four children. Her mother, Vanessa Bryant, yielded a heartbreaking tribute to her at a Staples facility memorial because that the crash victims


Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant attend the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and also the Dallas Mavericks top top December 29, 2019 in ~ STAPLES center in Los Angeles, California.

“God knew they can not be on this planet without each other,” stated Vanessa Bryant, who had been through Kobe since 1999. “He had to bring them residence to have actually them together. Babe, girlfriend take care of our Gigi. And I got Nati, Bibi and Coco. We’re tho the finest team.”

Tony Altobelli psychic the day as soon as his brother, sister-in-law and also niece died in the helicopter crash. Vikki Vargas reported on NBC4 News ~ above Monday, Jan. 25, 2021.

John Altobelli, wife Keri and Daughter AlyssaJust together Bryant was passionate about basketball, man Altobelli, 56, had a deep love because that the game of baseball. The coached in ~ Orange shore College. That was through the program for 27 years, top the Pirates to 4 state titles en path to much more than 700 career wins. In 2019, he was the American Baseball Coaches Association as an ABCA/Diamond national Coach that the Year. Wife Keri and daughter Alyssa, 14, also were killed in the crash. They to be honored at an angel Stadium memorial.

"The tradition they left will continue to live ~ above through all of us," child JJ Altobelli said at the memorial.

Instead of shooting it and probably making she 12th basket, she would pass it come me for this reason I can make my first. Once I missed, she would certainly look in ~ me and say, "Good try, you"ll acquire the next one."

Sammy Forbath, describing friend Alyssa Altobelli

Alyssa friend Sammy Forbath psychic her as a selfless teammate that tried to make others around her better.

"Instead of shooting it and also probably making she 12th basket, she would certainly pass it to me therefore I might make mine first," Forbath said at the memorial. "When ns missed, she would look in ~ me and also say, "Good try, you"ll obtain the next one.""

The Altobellis will certainly be remembered Tuesday throughout an Orange coast College memorial.

Christina MauserMauser to be a girls basketball coach at a nearby private primary school school and the Mamba Academy team. She is survived by her husband, who started a well-known Orange county band, and three young children. Husband Matt Mauser shared an emotionally remembrance that his mam on TODAY following the crash.

"She was extraordinary,"" the said. "She was very witty, funny, funny favor nobody you"ve ever before met. She was warm, she was incredibly bright, she was technologically extremely savvy. She could figure the end anything."

Sarah Chester and Daughter Payton ChesterPayton, 13, played basketball v Bryant"s daughter Gianna. Household members stated she loved play the game and described Sarah, 45, together the love of their family. Payton led her middle school basketball team and also dreamed of play in the WNBA.

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"Payton was perfect. She observed the ideal in each person, and also it is impossible to define the affect of she smile, laugh and compassion top top the lives of everyone about her," father kris Chester said. "She loved her Team Mamba girls an ext than anything in the world and considered them her 2nd family."

Sarah Chester had actually been married to kris Chester for more than 20 years. Buy it Chester was also an alumna of Whittier College, where she play volleyball and also met Chris. They have two various other children, both boys.


Ara Zobayan

Ara Zobayan, one instructor and also charter pilot who had actually flown celebrities like Kylie Jenner and her nephew Dream, to be at the helm of the helicopter as it travel to Newbury Park whereby the girl aboard were to have actually a basketball competition at the Mamba sports Academy.


Ara Zobayan, described as an experienced instructor and charter pilot who had flown celebrities like Kylie Jenner and her nephew Dream and also Lorenzo Lamas, was at the helm the the helicopter as it travel to Newbury Park wherein the girls aboard to be to have a basketball tournament at the Mamba sporting activities Academy. He and all aboard, including Kobe Bryant and also his daughter, perished in the crash Jan. 26, 2020.