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The ferocious tornado the tore the city the Joplin, Mo., apart specifically one year earlier today stunned the nation with the tragic death toll and staggering damage. The twister’s winds were estimated to be an ext than 200 mph, making the tornado an EF-5 top top the amplified Fujita Scale, whichmeasures a tornado’s intensity. It ravaged the city of 50,000, death 161 and also injuring much more than 1,000. The Joplin tornado to be the an initial single tornado in the U.S. To an outcome in much more than 100 fatalities since a tornado win Flint, Mich., in 1953.

Tornado damage in Joplin, Mo. Credit: nationwide Weather Service.

It additionally ranks together the seventh most dangerous in U.S. History, and also the deadliest due to the fact that 1947. Additionlly, the Joplin tornado was also one the the most expensive tornadoes ~ above record, having caused straight insured casualty of $1.9 billion, follow to Missouri officials. Others have estimated losses in ~ closer come $3 billion.

Joplin is gift rebuilt making use of state and also federal funds, and also the moral of the ar received a boost when chairman Obama delivered the commencement address at Joplin High school on Monday evening. The High college itself was ruined during the tornado, and also students invested the past year acquisition classes in a temporary facility.

The Joplin tornado's fatality toll was particularly shocking come weather forecasters, because during the past two years billions the dollars have actually been spent upgrading the nation’s weather warning equipment to carry out timely tornado watches and warnings. A nationwide network of Doppler radars scans the skies for major thunderstorms and also tornadoes, and scientists’ expertise of the components that lead to tornadoes has improved drastically during the past two decades. A tornado warning was in impact for Joplin at the moment the storm struck, however it to be not sufficient to prevent so numerous deaths.

Given every the advancements that have been made, the high death toll in Joplin has prompted many in the meteorological and also emergency management areas to rethink how they problem tornado warnings.

One that the major lessons stemming from Joplin is that much more attention needs to be paid to ensuring the tornado warnings encourage civilization to take it protective action. A post-tornado inspection report by a nationwide Weather organization team found that many Joplin residents did not take shelter as soon as they heard the tornado sirens. Instead, castle waited until they received extr information confirming the threat. In part, this was since of the prevalence of false alarms.

In the wake of Joplin, and other deadly tornadoes the struck throughout the 2011 season, the nationwide Weather business is trying out with issuing tornado warnings the contain intensified wording in stimulate to assist encourage people to act.

While the tornado that ruined Joplin to be the seventh most dangerous in U.S. History, there have actually been far deadlier tornadoes.Here’s a look at the height Six all-time twisters:

No. 6The Woodward, Okla., Tornado, April 9, 1947

The step in Woodward, Okla., ~ a deadly tornado win in 1947. Credit: national Weather Service.

The deadliest tornado on document in the tornado-prone state that Oklahoma had actually a path size of 100 miles. Follow to the national Weather Service, the tornado had actually a maximum width of 1.8 miles, and also a forward rate of around 50 mph. The tornado to be ranked together an F-5 ~ above the Fujita Scale, and it slammed right into Woodward without warning in ~ 8:42 afternoon on April 9, 1947. More than 1,000 homes and also businesses were destroyed and also 1,000 world injured. The Weather company said the bodies of three children were never ever identified, and also one kid who survived the tornado was never reunited through her family.

The fatality toll indigenous this occasion stands at 181, v at least 116 lives shed in Oklahoma.

No. 5The Gainesville, Ga., Tornado, April 6, 1936

Downtown Gainesville, Ga., adhering to the disastrous tornado the struck without warning in 1936. Credit: Digital Library that Georgia.

The tornado the hit Gainesville, which arisen a work after the Tupelo occasion (see No. 4 below), was actually a pair of tornadoes the converged top top the center of the town at the elevation of the service day. Follow to the Digital Library that Georgia, 60 civilization died in simply one structure when the Cooper trousers Factory, a two-story garment factory, collapsed and also burned after being struck. Countless of the victims to be young women and also girls. In all, 203 were reported killed.

Tornado damage “immobilized the Gainesville Fire Department and also forced rescuers to dynamite structures on the public Square together a method of managing the quick spread that fire,” the website said.

Letters native Gainesville reportedly fell from the sky across state lines in southern Carolina.

No. 4Tupelo, Miss., April 5, 1936

This tornado was part of a group of twisters the struck Mississippi that day, and although the missed downtown Tupelo, it flattened residential areas roughly the town. In some situations the tornado delete everything out entire families.

The official fatality toll stands in ~ 216, back other approximates put it higher. This is early out in part to differences in between counting white vs. Black color victims at that time in the segregated South.

No. 3The St. Louis/East St. Luigi Tornado, might 27, 1896

The scene in St. Louis complying with the F-4 tornado there in 1896. Credit: NOAA photo Library.

The St. Luigi tornado, which to be later approximated to it is in of F-4 strongness on the Fujita Scale, led to 255 fatalities, and around $2.9 billion in damages when adjusted for inflation, according to one estimate.

The tornado win the main point of downtown St. Louis, damaging or damaging factories, hospitals, homes, rail yards, churches and other facilities. About 35 people were killed at the Vandalia railroad freight yards in east St. Louis.

Considering how many an ext people live in St. Louis and also East St. Louis today, and also how much more developed that is than 100 year ago, if the very same tornado win today, the numbers of fatalities and damage would, in every likelihood, skyrocket.

No. 2The Natchez, Miss., Tornado, might 6, 1840

According to the Tornado Project, which maintains substantial database that U.S. Tornadoes, the Natchez tornado touched down around 20 miles southwest the Natchez, Miss., on may 6, 1840. The funnel flourished to a mile wide, and it moved along the Mississippi River, fairly than cross it quickly. This enabled it come sink countless river-going vessels. In fact, the fatality toll was greater on the river than on land. A item of a steamboat window was reportedly lugged for 30 miles.

While the official death toll stands in ~ 317, it’s feasible that much more were killed, an especially on plantations whereby deaths were not always accurately reported.

No. 1The Tri-State Tornado, march 18, 1925

damages in Murphysboro, Ill., adhering to the Tri-State Tornado in 1925. The tornado killed 234 in this town as that traversed across three states. Credit: NOAA photo Library.

The deadliest tornado on document in the U.S. Is the infamous Tri-State Tornado that carved out a 219-mile path throughout Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana on march 18, 1925. The tornado eliminated 695, and also was approximated to be about three-quarters of a mile vast at times. The tornado traveled at an extraordinary rate — making the more difficult for civilization to look for shelter. At time its forward rate was clocked at an ext than 70 mph.

The Tri-State Tornado caused the largest death toll on record in a single U.S. City as soon as it blasted with Murphysboro, Ill., death 234, consisting of many kids who were in college at the time. At just one school —the De Soto college — 33 kids were killed.

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The tornado continued to be on the ground because that a exceptional three and a fifty percent hours, during which time it ruined 15,000 homes and also injured much more than 2,000, follow to a nationwide Weather Servicewebsite about this historical event.