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amongst explanations regularly put forward are its yonsi population; a social framework in i beg your pardon the young often live v the old, exposing them come the virus; one underfunded wellness system; and also a lack of preparedness and also organisation.

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“During the summer, once daily situations were low, us failed to recruit an ext staff and made no setup to reorganise,” the Naples physician Cappiello said.

According to Worldometers data, Italy has registered 65,011 COVID-19 fatalities because February, against 64,170 in Britain, 57,911 in France and also 47,624 in Spain - three various other European nations badly battered by the disease.

On a every capita basis, Italy lies 37th in the world for number of cases, but fourth when it comes to deaths, with 1,076 COVID fatalities every million people. This compares with 943 in Britain, 886 in France and also 924 in the unified States.

The just European Union state with a higher per capita fatality ratio is Belgium ~ above 1,546 - the worst in the world.

Countries counting COVID deaths in slightly different ways and also medical experts cautioned versus drawing hasty conclusions, saying a clearer picture would only arise when excessive death figures for the entirety year came to be available.

But officials identify Italy has actually suffered more than most, and pin the blame mostly on the fact that it has numerous elderly citizen who have proved specifically vulnerable.

According come Eurostat data because that 2019, Italy had actually the oldest population in Europe, v 22.8% that its civilization aged end 65. It likewise ranks as one of the nations with the greatest life expectancies an international - 83 years.

But doctors say that while Italians live a lengthy time, they room not especially healthy. A 2017 report by the Osservatorio Nazionale wellness association said 71% of over-65s had at the very least two underlying health and wellness conditions. Almost fifty percent of this age-group take it at the very least five different medicines a day.

“There is a very dangerous nexus in between the high variety of elderly human being here and also (the high number of) wellness conditions. We room paying a very, an extremely high price for this,” wellness Minister Roberto Speranza told La7 television channel.

The very first wave of the pandemic, which accounting for approximately 35,000 lives, was focused in the north, where some emergency wards were promptly overwhelmed - a problem that thrust up the death toll as physicians were forced to decide who they might treat, and also who they had to press away.

Doctors hoped that knowledge obtained from the initial contagion would aid them sharply minimize fatalities in any brand-new outbreaks. However, as the 2nd wave sweeps over the totality country, Stefano Centani, professor of respiratory tract illnesses at Milan University, said the fatality rate remained elevated.

“Sadly us don’t seem to have made lot progress. Probably we have even done worse. This will need to be analysed,” the said.

“We are paying for 20 years, perhaps more, of constant cuts to wellness resources...When this pandemic exploded every our difficulties were exposed.”

Speranza also bemoaned spending cuts introduced more than a decade ago to try to aid contain a ballooning national debt.

“The biggest trouble is a lack of doctors. You deserve to buy masks, respirators and also protective garments on the worldwide market but you can not buy doctors, and also you cannot buy nurses, you can not buy personnel,” he said.

“In Italy, for 15 years, we have had actually a preeminence that clogged spending ~ above personnel at 2004 levels minus 1.4%. This is incredible.”

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