Hurricane Harvey take it the resides of at least 88 Texans, follow to preliminary numbers released Friday morning by the department of State wellness Services.

by Giulia Afiune Oct. 13, 20171 PM main

A man walks v floodwaters ~ surveying his home in Rockport, which was hit through Hurricane Harvey, on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017. Credit: REUTERS/Adrees Latif

In Harvey's wake

The devastation to be swift, and also the recovery is much from over. Authorize upfor our recurring coverage that Hurricane Harvey"s aftermath. Girlfriend can assist bysharing your story hereor sending out a guideline toharvey

Hurricane Harvey has directly or indirectly takenthe resides of as the very least 88Texans, according to preliminary number released Friday by the room of State health Services.

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The majority of deaths – 62 – were led to by wind, rain and also floods, i beg your pardon ledto drownings ortrees fall on people.

Meanwhile, 26 deaths were caused by "unsafe or unhealthy conditions" connected tothe ns or disruption of solutions such together utilities, transportation and also medical care. The state health firm found deaths led to by clinical conditions, electrocution,traffic accidents, flood water-relatedinfections,fires and burns.

Deathsfrom natural causes are thought about indirectly concerned Harvey if physical or psychological stress led to by the storm exacerbated "pre-existing clinical conditions and also contributed come death," the agency said.

The firm said an additional fivedeathscould be related to Harvey, but there"s tho not sufficient information come prove a connection.The final fatality count because that Harvey isn"texpected come be exit untilnext year.

The preliminary death toll is lower than that from Hurricane Rita in 2005, whena chaotic evacuation led to 73 deaths prior to the hurricane even reached Texas. The wasmore than fifty percent of the 139 deaths attributed to Rita, i beg your pardon veered far from Houston at the critical minute and made landfall near the Texas-Louisiana border.

A dozen smaller Texas cities orderedresidents to evacuate prior to Harvey, a group 4 hurricane the hit the Texas coast between Port Aransas and also Port O"Connor top top Aug. 25.Corpus Christi issued a spontaneous evacuation, while Houston and also Harris ar — i m sorry didn"t gain a direct hit yet experienced historical rainfall and also flooding —didn"t problem evacuation orders.

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