According come newly-released crime statistics because that the month of July, murders in the city were nearly the very same as the number reported last year, yet shootings enhanced by 15% and also the variety of people shot in the city increased by practically 10% year-over-year.

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Those statistics, released by the Chicago Police room Sunday morning, show that there were 105 homicides recorded in the month that July. That is down slightly from last summer, once 107 people were eliminated in July, yet up substantially over 2019, as soon as 44 murders to be recorded, representing a 139% boost in monthly homicides within the last 2 years.

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Police say the 445 homicides have been recorded so far in 2021, contrasted to 446 throughout the first seven month of 2020. As soon as again, both numbers space significantly greater than those videotaped in 2019, once 290 world were killed in the very first seven month of the year, representing a 53.4% increase.

Shootings in the month of July trended upward from last year, v 461 report in 31 days. There to be 402 tape-recorded shootings last year, and also 232 in July 2019, representing a 99% increase within the last two years.



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In all, 614 human being were shooting in July 2021, compared to 561 in the very same month critical year.

During the an initial seven months of 2021, there have been 1,973 shootings in the city of Chicago, through 2,471 total victims. Both of those numbers room up end last year’s statistics, once there were 1,779 shootings and also 2,217 victims in the an initial seven months of the year.

In 2019, 1,480 people were shooting in the city through seven months, through this year numbers representing a 67% increase over the figure. There to be 1,210 shootings recorded through 7 months of 2019, with this year tally representing a 63% increase.

The police department claims that the successes in seizing illegal guns have continued, v the city on pace to recover an ext than 12,000 illegal tools by the finish of the year. The department claims that total seizures space up through 28% year-over-year, through 3,477 total gun arrests do so far this year, a 23% increase over critical year.

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The city likewise recorded 20-year-lows in aggravated batteries, burglaries and robberies, follow to statistics.