Officer Brian Sicknick, 42, was supposedly struck in head during Wednesday’s riot, while 4 Trump supporters also died


The us Capitol on Friday. Officer Sicknick’s fatality is gift investigated as a homicide. Photograph: Ken Cedeno/UPI/Rex/Shutterstock
The united state Capitol ~ above Friday. Officer Sicknick’s fatality is gift investigated together a homicide. Photograph: Ken Cedeno/UPI/Rex/Shutterstock

Family members and law enforcement have confirmed much more details ~ above the currently five people who died in an attempted insurrection versus the United says on Wednesday, including a Capitol police officer.

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The remaining four were among the pendant of Donald Trump that stormed the united state Capitol, attempting come halt counts of electoral university ballots that would formally seal Joe Biden’s win over the incumbent president.

“Don’t dare contact them protesters. They to be a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Residential terrorists. It’s that basic. It’s the simple,” Biden claimed in response to Thursday’s attack.

Details on the five civilization who passed away are below.

Brian Sicknick, 42

According come statement native the united state Capitol police, the brand-new Jersey aboriginal joined the pressure in 2008. Sicknick was reportedly struck in the head with a fire extinguisher while “physically engaging” through the rioters. He collapsed soon after returning to his division before being rushed to a surrounding hospital. Sicknick passed away on Thursday night after ~ being gotten rid of from life support.

A report 60 Capitol police officers were injured. Follow to the democratic congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio, countless were likewise hit in the head with steel pipes. An ext than a dozen remain hospitalized.

Sicknick’s death is gift investigated as a homicide through federal and also local authorities.

Ashli Babbitt, 35

Babbitt, a 14-year air force veteran from mountain Diego, was amongst a team of human being who could be viewed attempting to failure the doors the the united state Senate chamber together members sheltered. Cameras caught the moment she to be rushed out on a stretcher after gift shot by a Capitol police officer. She passed away at the hospital.

“I really don’t know why she decided to do this,” Babbitt’s mother-in-law called Washington’s WTTG.

Just a day prior to the rally, Babbitt tweeted the QAnon conspiracy called “the storm”, in i beg your pardon supporters think Donald trumped will arise to overthrow and also execute corruption political elites and also enemies.

Benjamin Phillips, 50

A computer programmer from Schuylkill county, Pennsylvania, Phillips organized a caravan indigenous Pennsylvania come the Capitol grounds because that the planned insurrection. As soon as there, he had a stroke and also died, return authorities have actually not confirmed at what point during the attack.

I take it a bus indigenous Harrisburg come DC with Trump supporter and also trip organizer Ben Philips yesterday. As he journey down, that told me: "It seems favor the an initial day that the remainder of our lives." He passed away in DC yesterday. My story:

— Julia Terruso (

Witnesses told the Philadelphia-Inquirer he was last seen searching for parking before the president gave his speech at the “Save America March”.

Kevin Greeson, 55

A native of rural Athens, Alabama, Greeson passed away of an apparent heart attack at an unknown allude during the events. His family confirmed in a statement the a background of high blood pressure “in the middle of the excitement” added to the clinical emergency.

Greeson posted racist diatribes online and associated with the Proud Boys, a far-right team known for enacting political violence and also racial terror.

Despite the family’s insistence that “he was not there to get involved in violence or rioting” and did no “condone such actions”, Greeson had posted to well-known conservative society platforms calling for pendant to “load her guns and also take to the streets” in the main leading up to the events.

“Let’s take it this fucking country back,” he posted to Parler. Like plenty of of the white nationalists who participated, Greeson never ever specifies from who the nation is being taken.

Rosanne Boyland, 34

The resident of Kennesaw, Georgia, reportedly died of a medical emergency during the riots. Household members later on told reporters Boyland had actually been crushed in the melee.

Boyland, one avid trump card supporter, had a criminal history, consisting of being charged v possession or circulation of heroin “at least 4 other times” in Georgia. Other past charges encompass battery, obstruction of regulation enforcement and also trespassing.

Heartbreak. To exclude, reaction indigenous Rosanne Boyland's family after finding the end the 34-year-old Kennesaw woman was most likely crushed to fatality during the unrest in ~ the US capital yesterday.

According to the day-to-day Mail, Wednesday’s strike was the very first Trump occasion that Boyland ever before attended. Her family told regional WGCL that although they interpreted she “was really passionate about her beliefs”, they were shocked and “devastated” to learn she participated in the insurrection.

“Tragically, she was there and also it price her life,” Justin Cave, Boyland’s brother-in-law, called WGCL.

“I’ve never ever tried to be a politics person however it’s my own an individual belief the the president’s words incited a riot that killed four of his best fans critical night, and also I believe that we must invoke the 25th amendment at this time,” he added.

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This post was amended on 15 June 2021 to remove an incorrect statement the Brian Sicknick died from his injuries. Together the earlier version went on to make clear, his death was at the time still being investigated. The Washington DC medical examiner’s office later figured out that he passed away from herbal causes.