It’s regularly said that you’re more likely to get into a vehicle accident ~ above the method to the dropzone 보다 you space to have actually an accident if skydiving. Is the true? tough to say since the numbers no apples come apples.

But here’s what us do know – jumping the end of a “perfectly an excellent airplane” have to stir questions about safety! Let’s get into some skydiving statistics and talk about our skydiving safety protocols at Skydive Carolina.

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Skydiving is severe sport. Like others – consisting of SCUBA diving, motocross racing, absent climbing, and snowboarding – it is dangerous. In fact, it is a significant part of the appeal! Human trip is great – and living to tell the tale is supremely awesome. Is skydiving an ext dangerous than driving? Let’s look in ~ the numbers.

In a civilization where damn-near every little thing is dangerous, that boils under to calculated risk.

Of the 3.3 million full skydives taped in 2019 by USPA-member dropzones, 15 caused a fatality – make the skydiving death rate 1 in 220,301. Once considering the tandem-related skydiving fatality rate, the number is 1 in 500,000 jumps. More common are minor and also non-fatal injuries. In 2019, 1 in 1,310 skydives required attention from a medical facility.

To illustrate the unlikelihood of fatality by skydiving, take a gander at stats from the nationwide Safety the supervisory board that expose you’re much more likely to perish by a lightning strike, dog bite, or bee sting! And, according to that exact same NSC report, 1 in 106 motor-vehicle crashes includes a fatality.



Every team member plays critical role in security at the DZ. 2 categories come highlight room riggers and also instructors –

Parachute riggers pack and also maintain and repair parachutes. They experience rigorous training and are license is granted by the (FAA) federal Aviation Administration. At Skydive Carolina, we’re privileged come have an elderly Rigger – Patrick Mercier – ~ above staff, in addition to other dope riggers.

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The USPA offers 4 graduated level of licensure: A through D. A-License holders are new skydivers that approved to paris solo. D-holders room straight-up advantages who have actually a minimum the 500 jumps, have the right to perform huge demo and exhibition skydives, and also can attain tandem instructor status. All Skydive Carolina tandem instructors room not just qualified and mega experienced, but they’re additionally extremely passionate about our sport.

High-Quality Skydiving Gear

In the early on days the civilian jumping, skydivers had no selection but to make perform with armed forces surplus gear. Now, skydivers have accessibility to advanced tech that enables operators to attend to many safety situations while in trip – including altimeters and also AADs (automatic activation device) – and also that facilitates experimentation and also competition within countless disciplines.

Unlike ago in the day once the bulk of skydiving crashes occurred since of gear malfunction, today’s cases are typically related to person error. This is why there are prescribed curricula for every level that licensure and why we don’t mess roughly at Skydive Carolina. In fact, we’re recognized for gift conservative as soon as it concerns safety, and also we’re proud of it. The just tears we want to see approximately here are from unprecedented joy, the rise of impressive accomplishment, and the overwhelm the comes through unimaginable empowerment. Same? Same. Boom.