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Chicago police space investigating the shooting of a 4-year-old boy in Chicago top top Friday night. (Tyler LaRiviere / Chicago Sun-Times / AP)

(CNN) — At the very least eight youngsters have to be shot, one fatally, so much over the labor Day weekend in Chicago, authorities said

A 4-year-old was acquiring his hair reduced in his own home when bullets came v the house, striking him in the head. He died at the hospital, Deputy chief Rahman Muhammad with the Chicago Police’s Detective division said Monday in ~ a audioeditorfree.com conference.

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A 14-year-old and an 11-year-old were shot at a community back-to-school event, Muhammad said.

Additionally, a 13-year-old to be shot v his basement window.

A 14-year-old boy walking come a car with his father was shot and, in a separate incident, a 17-year-old boy was shot while in a car traveling residence after a party, Muhammad said.

Six that the eight youngsters were shot within a 12-hour duration Saturday. A full of 58 people have been shot in the city, 5 fatally, because 8 p.m Friday, authorities said.

Police Superintendent David Brown said family members need to stop inviting offenders that room being targeted to their homes for family gatherings and they also need to stop covering up because that the offenders. Instead, Brown said, they must cooperate through police in bespeak to defend children.

There are commonly three scenarios in which kids are shoot in the city, Brown said.

“One is someone else is gift targeted and also innocent bystanders room our children and also they obtain shot. One more circumstance is the targeted person is visiting a relative throughout a holiday or throughout a family members gathering, and they’re gift targeted, and also family members room being shoot as chaste bystanders,” Brown said.

“And lastly, yes sir obviously some scenarios where yes sir mistaken identity. Ours young world are mistakenly established as someone the they desire to target — this offenders want to target — and they erroneously shoot them,” Brown said.

“There are really few, if any, situations where our young human being are directly being targeted. It’s constantly some various other offender, gang member, criminal network, part beef and they’re targeting part adult and also young civilization are nearby, and also they room shot as chaste bystanders.”

The superintendent claimed he doesn’t invite particular family members to family gatherings due to the fact that there are concerns with the family members member “living a life of crime.”

He likewise spoke straight to “the criminal who space being targeted.”

“You recognize the life did you do it lived. You know that you’re gift targeted or that you’ve done something to reason this retribution from part rival corridor or part rival person. Why are you continuing to be roughly young people, ours children? that’s on you,” Brown said.

The city, like plenty of others throughout the country, is seeing an increase in pistol violence. Shooting incidents in Chicago were 65% higher in the year to day as of respectable 31 compared to two years earlier, follow to police, and 9% greater than critical year.

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Nationwide, an average of 200 people have been killed and 472 injured by weapons each weekend this summer, not including suicides, according come an analysis for CNN through the total Violence Archive. That’s virtually 3.4 civilization shot every hour every weekend.