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The list listed below contains eruptions with much more than 500 known human fatalities.

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These room the many deadly eruptions known. Various other eruptions have actually been as huge or bigger than these, yet no one lived adjacent to be intimidated (for example the valley of 10,000 Smokes eruption in Alaska in 1912). The Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980 in Washington state to be a far less danger eruption 보다 these, only 61 people died, although countless deer and other animals perished. The old eruption in ~ Santorini Island in the Mediterranean Sea in around 1650 BC absolutely killed thousands of world (and to be the source of the Atlantis legend), however there room no real approximates of the variety of deaths. Mental that all of the numbers of deaths detailed here are finest guesses; various books give different numbers. This perform is based on data in Hazards: A Sourcebook ~ above the effects of Eruptions by Russell J. Blong (Academic Press, 1984).


Deathsaudioeditorfree.comWhenMajor reason of Death
92,000Tambora, Indonesia1815Starvation
36,417Krakatau, Indonesia1883Tsunami
29,025Mt. Pelee, Martinique1902Ash flows
25,000Ruiz, Colombia1985Mudflows
14,300Unzen, collapse, tsunami
9,350Laki, Iceland1783Starvation
5,110Kelut, Indonesia1919Mudflows
4,011Galunggung, Indonesia1882Mudflows
3,500Vesuvius, Italy1631Mudflows, lava flows
3,360Vesuvius, Italy79Ash flows and falls
2,957Papandayan, Indonesia1772Ash flows
2,942Lamington, Papua N.G.1951Ash flows
2,000El Chichon, Mexico1982Ash flows
1,680Soufriere, St Vincent1902Ash flows
1,475Oshima, Japan1741Tsunami
1,377Asama, Japan1783Ash flows, mudflows
1,335Taal, Philippines1911Ash flows
1,200Mayon, Philippines1814Mudflows
1,184Agung, Indonesia1963Ash flows
1,000Cotopaxi, Ecuador1877Mudflows
800Pinatubo, Philippines1991Roof collapses and disease
700Komagatake, Japan1640Tsunami
700Ruiz, Colombia1845Mudflows
500Hibok-Hibok, Philippines1951

Ash flows



Deaths by Regions, 1600-1982




This bar graph mirrors the number of deaths in each volcanic region from 1600 to 1982. The total variety of deaths was 238,867.

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Based on Table 3.1 the Blong, R.J., 1984, volcanic Hazards: A Sourcebook top top the results of Eruptions: Orlando, Florida, scholastic Press, 424 p.