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Writing about skateboarding, I have actually Google set to give everyday alerts when any type of "skateboard news" comes up online, and virtually everyday the news consists of a severe injury, or worse yet, a report the a skateboarder has died. Throughout their time on a board, almost every skateboarder will have actually bruises, sprains and broken bones, mainly from falling. However, as skateboarding has grown in popularity, there"s an influx of skaters with varying levels of endure on the streets, and also the bulk of skate fatalities are due to collisions with cars.

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These news reports are often shocking in their accounts -- skateboarders chillingly referred to as "the child", "the young man" or "the victim." The action, "hit," "dragged," "launched 20 feet right into the air," i beg your pardon is inevitably adhered to by "was rushed to the hospital" or "was express dead ~ above the scene." youngsters are literally dice in the streets.

Cyclists have battled hard to have actually bike lanes, however what about skateboarders?

According come Skaters for Public Skateparks"s Research and the website skatepark.org, who tracked last year"s slip fatalities, 42 skateboarders passed away in 2011. 71 percent the the deaths connected or were straight caused by a vehicle, and the average age was 15 years old. This tragic mishaps occurred during both day and night. Some associated texting or drunk drivers, while rather were vehicle drivers who failure to see the ska in the street.

It"s estimated that over there are at this time 12.4 million skaters in the US, follow to the marketing certain Board-Trac. Slip is a viable setting of transportation providing a portable, economical, practical, green alternative to cars. A creative physical outlet v an engaging mental difficulty has brought about skateboarding"s soaring popularity over the past couple of years. Through its rise in popularity, both together a recreational activity and a method of transportation, the present safety standards and also levels that awareness must be exponentially increased.

Currently there are 3,000 skateparks in the US, but thousands an ext need come be constructed to accommodate the estimated 12 million skateboarders. Well-designed parks offer skaters an choice other than skating in the street or parking lots whereby the majority of the fatalities occur. In enhancement to giving a safe, go-to environment, skateparks are a ar to cave out, stay out the trouble and learn from your peers.

Currently there space 3,000 skateparks in the US, however thousands more need come be developed to accommodate the approximated twelve million skateboarders.

Laws pertaining come skateboarding in the United states are inconsistent. In some states skateboarders are regarded as pedestrians, if in others they room classified together bicycles -- they have the right to use the road, providing they comply with traffic laws. It appears that skateboarders are not wanted on sidewalks, roadways or the cycle lanes.

In researching this story I"ve found numerous instances the skateboarders gift ticketed because that skating in bicycle lanes from mountain Francisco, Calif. Come Florida. It"s clear that there are couple of places, exterior of parks and also areas designated because that skateboarding, where skaters space welcome.

In new York City everyone under 14 year old is required to wear a helmet. In the state that California the law extends to anyone under 18 years old. The helmet regulations are in place not only for the safety and security of the wearer, but also to lessen prices for urban dispatching ambulances and emergency clinical services.

However, when a ska is fight by a car, it"s the blunt force trauma come the body and head that no helmet will protect them from. With more distractions to drivers like texting and also TV monitors, there has actually been a significant rise in accidents with pedestrians, cyclists and skateboarders.

Perhaps the factor there room fewer underpants fatalities in new York City is the pedestrian society -- much more people on the streets and also drivers are forced to be more aware.

Regardless of ancient prejudices against skateboarders together being destructive, or a menace, they have the right to skate because that recreation and also for transportation. V the enormous increase in the number of participants, it"s clear the skateboarding has been adopted by the mainstream.

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Outmoded thinking and laws need to be updated come reflect this growth. Consistency in slip traffic laws at a local or statewide level could help alleviate few of the confusion amongst skaters and the windy servants enforcing the laws. It is in it the bike roadway or the sidewalk, skateboarders have the right to safety together they"re commuting. For now safe slip comes under to crucial awareness the the surroundings because that both skateboarders and also motorists.