Jennifer is a expert outdoor guide, instructor, and naturalist with a passion for helping people get outside. She enjoys helping others get the knowledge and experience they need to get out in nature and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Nature is under significant threat from person activity, and also the much longer we neglect this, the an ext we put our own survival in ~ risk. Indigenous deforestation come overfishing, the devastation of the world’s organic resources and also ecosystems is happening at an great rate.

We are passionate around nature and want to accumulate everyone come look after its significant beauty and also diversity by experimenting the outdoors. Learn more about nature top top the web links below.

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It could seem counterintuitive, but the best way to conserve the setting is come actually obtain out and also enjoy it. Nature deserve to be a an effective tool for inspiration and renewal, and there’s nothing favor being out for simply a couple of hours to make you feel far better about her life.

The suffer can also be just as helpful for the planet itself, as plenty of studies have discovered that human being who spend time outdoors are much more likely to protect the environment, aid save endangered varieties and take action against climate change.