Falling is no the most typical death in the grand Canyon, however it's a real hazard. Read these safety tips prior to your visit to gain the park safely.

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"Overlooking Plateau Point. Photo by Whit Richardson"
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Odds of fatality in the grand Canyon – 1 in 400,000 Visitors

dice from warmth or dehydration is an ext common than falling off the edge in the grand Canyon, however it is still a significant concern. Follow to the Arizona daily Sun in 2015, the the “55 who have actually accidentally fallen from the rim of the canyon, 39 to be male. Eight that those men were hopping indigenous one rock to one more or posing for pictures, consisting of a 38-year-old father from Texas pretending to autumn to fear his daughter, that then yes, really did autumn 400 feet come his death.”

On march 14, 2017, 30-year-old Gom Dang, the Ankeny, Iowa, dropped to his death off the rim west that Mather Point. His friends and family called KCCI News in Des Moines, Iowa, that Dang to be posing because that a photo as soon as he lost his balance and also fell backward to his death. His body was recovered around 280 feet listed below the rim. 

~ above April 30, 2015, a 29-year-old Nevada man passed away after fall 400-feet on a pickled in salt trail eastern of Mather point where the visitor facility is located and visitors often get their very first look at the grand Canyon. The fall was ruled accidental.

Mathers point Overlook.Whit Richardson

about 12 deaths happen yearly at the cool Canyon, including from natural causes, clinical problems, suicide, heat, drowning and traffic crashes. On average, two to three deaths every year are from falls over the rim, park spokeswoman Kirby-Lynn Shedlowski says. Grand Canyon nationwide Park had 6,254,238 tourists in 2017.

We want you come have fun at the cool Canyon, but be safe. Check out these safety and security tips to make your vacation a happy experience.

Stick come the courses in the grand Canyon

to plan on exploring the canyon rim? then make sure to stick to the led paths. “Remember this isn’t Disneyland,” grand Canyon rangers will certainly tell you if they see you getting to out end the edge come snap the perfect photograph. It can sound prefer a joke at first, however the words of advice are dead on. Many falling deaths have occurred when visitors determined to leave led paths to acquire a better vantage point. The human in the below video clip was lucky that she might recover her footing.

one of the largest dangers with walking out on the pickled in salt is that though the ground may look stable, under it deserve to be undercut. This way the floor beneath your feet is in reality paper-thin due to erosion that has sculpted out the canyon wall beneath you. Due to the fact that the grand Canyon is ever transforming and the southwestern rock have the right to crumble at any kind of moment, a ledge that shows up stable may loss out unexpectedly. If it does, the collection momentum can take a human hundreds, if not thousands of feet down into the canyon in a matter of seconds. To trust us, the odds of survival are not an excellent if you start to fall.

Always watch the children Near the Rim and also On Trails

In 2007 tragedy rocked the park once 4-year-old Natalie Yeargan fell much more than 400 feet indigenous Mather Point. Natalie’s father scrambled under the canyon’s wall surface to shot and rescue her, yet she to be pronounced dead in ~ the scene after CPR was performed. Natalie was the youngest confirmed falling death in the cool Canyon and a reminder about the potential dangers of letting your kids explore the rim.

If traveling v young children make sure to call them around the threats of play on the rim. Spend a Saturday at Bright point of view Overlook, and also it’s not uncommon to see children balancing top top the quick rock wall overlooking the canyon. Turn off the paths and also behind the walls, children can find small cracks come climb down into offering the perception of falling right into the depths only to pop ago up with a smile and ‘ta da!’ coming out of their mouths.

despite these opportunities might provide great YouTube clips and also family portraits, it’s an extremely dangerous place to it is in in. Losing balance just for a second can send youngsters careening under the cliff struggling to uncover something to organize onto.

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Read Over the Edge: Death in the cool Canyon

looking for some analysis to put you in the safety mindset? then make sure to inspect out Over the Edge: death in the cool Canyon by cutting board M. Myers. Myers, a prolific journalist and also author, painstakingly papers every fatality in the cool Canyon breaking under the casualties into categories. Follow to Myers, up until 2001 there were 53 fatalities native falls, 65 to environmental causes, 79 drowned, 242 in aircraft and helicopter crashes, 7 captured in flash floods and also several an ext deaths in freak accidents, rock falls, suicides and also even homicides. (See updated statistics in the book’s new 2012 edition.)

despite a tad little morbid, Myers’s occupational is riveting and also insightful into a object most human being tend come dismiss as soon as visiting the park. Despite the publication can it is in overwhelming at first, the great learned could help save your life and give friend a much better understanding of what to execute when confronted with a life-threatening situation.

Think Twice prior to You take it Risky Photos

Photography can be a beautiful part of a visitors suffer to the cool Canyon, however it’s necessary to constantly ask you yourself if the photograph is worth dying for. Plenty of times photographers climb out on the leaf to framework their photo without any type of people or artificial structures. Despite the photo might be a pretty souvenir, it’s likewise a life-threatening case to it is in in. So next time you desire to click the shutter make certain to take it a 2nd and step ago and asking yourself, ‘is this yes, really worth mine life?’