In the hrs after Boston crime ceo James “Whitey” Bulger was discovered beaten to death in his prison cell, 3 inmates were hauled away to solitary confinement. There they stayed for two years, eight months and an ext than 20 days, together the investigation into Bulger’s murder dragged on.

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But previously this week, two of the prisoners, Paul DeCologero and Sean McKinnon, were moved out that the federal prison in West Virginia, follow to online records and also family members. The man left behind, a previous Mafia hitman called Fotios “Freddy” Geas, continues to be in solitary.


Bulger, the leader of Boston’s ireland mob, invested 16 years on the run prior to he was recorded in 2011 in Santa Monica, California. He was sentenced to life in jail in 2013.

The older, wheelchair-using gangster was killed less than 12 hrs after he arrived on the West Virginia prison in a transport from a commonwealth penitentiary in Florida. The decision to move Bulger to a notoriously violent prison and also place him v the general population has attracted criticism from previous wardens and also other ex-prison officials.

The sluggish pace that the Bulger murder examination has additionally raised questions.

Bob Hood, a previous federal office of Prisons cook of internal affairs and former warden in ~ the ADX Florence "supermax" jail in Colorado, stated it’s daunting to draw any kind of firm conclusions around the decision to move McKinnon and DeCologero. Hood stated there are several aspects of the case that that still doesn’t understand.

Why were they preserved in a segregated real estate unit because that so long? Why has no one been charged in together a high-profile situation after nearly three years?

“I’m dumbfounded by all of this,” Hood said.

For Hood, the most an essential question is no who eliminated Bulger however how did the office of Prisons enable it come happen.

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“We could not ever know who physically killed him, yet what us do recognize is the system eliminated him,” Hood said.