The Sopranos: The characters With The highest possible Kill Count, Ranked There"s no doubt that The Sopranos consisted of plenty the killers in its cast of characters, however which ones had actually the highest kill counts of lock all?

any movie or TV show about mobsters is guarantee to have actually plenty the deaths. In the human being of arranged crime, no mistake goes unpunished and no feud gets settled by a merely hug and also apology. Things to be no different in the award-winning HBO collection The Sopranos.

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There to be 62 on-screen deaths in total, through Season 6 having the most deaths (28) and Season 4 having the fewest (10). At least two significant characters additionally met their demise in each season. No one was safe yet strangely enough, Tony Soprano make it come the end. And also his death stats to be pretty superior too. Below are the characters with the highest possible kill counts.

Vito is greatly remembered as the mobster that did his finest to store his sex-related orientation a secret. The DiMeo Crime household member made decision to get married to a woman and also have children despise being gay. And also he had a good reason because that that since in the people of arranged crime, gift a member the the LGBTQ neighborhood was frowned upon.

Vito largely shot his victim in the ago of the head. In the Season 3 finale, he shot Jackie because that the rob he conducted with Carlo and also Dino. And in the Season 6 illustration titled "Moe n" Joe," he shot a automobile accident victim that was insisting on talk to the police. Vito would be killed in the following episode after ~ Phil Leotardo learned he was gay.

8 Benny Fazio (2)

The Sopranos - Benny Fazio
Benny first appeared in Season 3 after ~ he to be released indigenous jail. The went top top to be a reputable lieutenant for Christopher Moltisanti. His two kills came in the finale of Season 4.

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First that shot medicine dealer Credenzo Curtis number of times in the chest. He additionally killed Stanley Johnson the same way. The purpose of both murders was to make certain the 2 wouldn"t talk about the canceled hit on Lupertazzi family members boss Carmine Lupertazzi. He was likewise involved in the killing of Phil Leotardo, though only as a getaway driver.

Big Pussy sopranos
big Pussy is greatly remembered as the stitch who eventually got a stitch. Through Season 2, the mobster was currently cooperating through the authorities. And after an Elvis impersonator named Jimmy Bones experienced him talking to the FBI, huge Pussy eliminated hum by hitting him through a hammer.

This was the first on-screen murder that big Pussy committed. Along with Tonny, he likewise killed family associate Matthew Bevilaqua. The two killed Matt after that attempted to death Chris. Matt had actually tried to kill Chris in order to prove self to the non-nonsense capo Richie Aprille.

6 Mikey Palmice (3)

Uncle Junior"s subordinate Mikey Palmice got violent rather early. And also he had a penchant because that wacking his other mob soldiers. In the 3rd episode of Season 1, that shot a partner in the eye because that hijacking trucks without approval indigenous the boss.

In the saturday episode, he threw another colleague over the Paterson drops for offering drugs come a boy. The drugs had actually influenced the boy to commit suicide. Climate in the eleventh episode, he killed yet an additional colleague for a negative joke. Mikey was eventually killed too for planning Tonny"s murder v Uncle Junior.

Steve Buscemi has actually been lucky sufficient to play two mobsters in 2 critically acclaimed HBO shows. He to be the lead in Boardwalk Empire and also in The Sopranos, he proved up in Season 5 as Tonny"s cousin who had actually just to be released native prison.

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Tony"s murders were largely revenge killings. He shot Joey as payback because that the fatality of Lorraine Calluzzo. He also shot Billy together payback for the death of Angelo Garepe. He eliminated a woman called Heather also for gift in the wrong location at the dorn time. She was with Joey when he confirmed up to wack him.

4 Silvio Dante (5)

Silvio started out together a street soldier before becoming the Consigliere in the DiMeo Crime Family. He mostly killed other mob members who had actually turned into rats or to be considering switching to other families.

He eliminated Jimmy, Pussy and also Adriana for being FBI informants. Along with Carlo Gervasi, he also killed Fat Dom because that making negative jokes about other household members. Lastly, the killed Burt Gervasi, who was to plan to jump to the Lupertazzi crime family. Silvio would later on be a victim of an assassination attempt too, despite he survived. He was last viewed in a hospital bed.

Michael Imperioli could have played an unfortunate boy in Goodfellas but in The Sopranos, he to be a total baddass. Michael play DiMeo crime family soldier Christopher Moltisanti. It is precious noting that chris was the first character to have a major kill ~ above the show.

In the pilot episode, Chris eliminated a man as a method to resolve a dispute. He also had a self-defense killing once he take it out one of two guys that to be trying come assassinate him. Chris additionally avenged his dad by killing a retired police lieutenant that was responsible. And like many mobsters, he eliminated someone because that insulting the too.

2 Tony Soprano (8)

together expected, the key antihero the the present has one of the greatest kill counts. Tony"s first kill come in the above Season 1 episode title "College." While searching for potential institutions with his daughter. He spotted a guy who had actually once ratted out one of his associates. Not wasting any time, he strangled him.

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His other significant kill occurred when the beat Ralph to fatality for being indirectly responsible because that the fatality of the adorable horse named Pie-O-My. He also killed his cousin Tony in order to avoid any heat from the new York family. As an symbol of "good behavior," that suffocated Christopher Moltisanti as well for gift a drug addict and also irresponsible human being in general.

DiMeo crime family captain Paulie Walnuts was together ruthless together mobsters have the right to be. And also despite generally killing by the sword, he never ever did die the sword. Paulie was among the characters who ended up alive after the collection finale.

In the nine episode that Season 2 titled "From wherein to Eternity," it was revealed that Paulie brought out his very first hit in the "60s. This way that he maybe killed means more civilization than the ripe that were registered top top the show.

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