Holmes, that murdered 12 human being in a cinema, told specialist he ‘didn’t have any feelings’ after ~ his arrest


A man serving an ext than 3,000 year in jail because that the murders of 12 civilization in a cinema warned jail authorities he might kill again, acaudioeditorfree.comrding to freshly released footage.

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James Holmes walked right into a mirroring of The Dark items Rises in Aurora, a suburb that Denver, audioeditorfree.comlorado, and also opened fire in July 2012. The attack, i beg your pardon he brought out when listening to loud techno to drown the end his victims’ screams, additionally left 70 world injured.

The jury in ~ his succeeding trial dismissed his defence of mental illness, and also he escaped the death penalty yet was sentenced audioeditorfree.comme 12 life sentence plus 3,318 year in jail.

US prosecutors have actually now released hrs of video showing that talking around the massacre to william Reid, a audioeditorfree.comurt-appointed specialist that evaluated his sanity.

When inquiry if he to be to pose a hazard to anybody, that told the psychiatrist: “Well, if I eliminated somebody climate there’s a likelihood the I would certainly kill again.”

Mr Reid was also heard questioning Holmes whether the jail authorities “should be worried around you”. That replied: “I’d speak so, yeah.”

Aurora massacre: Police officer describes suspect James Holmes together 'relaxed' and 'detached' in after-effects of killings

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1/2Aurora massacre: Police officer describes suspect James Holmes together 'relaxed' and also 'detached' in aftermath of killings

Aurora massacre: Police officer defines suspect James Holmes together 'relaxed' and also 'detached' in audioeditorfree.comnsequences of killings


Aurora massacre: Police officer describes suspect James Holmes as 'relaxed' and 'detached' in aftermath of killings

He said he did not “whether to die or not or drive away or where I would certainly go – I kind of left the all as much as the spur the the moment.”

Holmes also said he felt unaudioeditorfree.commfortable being handcuffed when disaudioeditorfree.comvered by police officers, yet otherwise had actually no feelings about his arrest.

“I no have any type of feelings about it,” he said. “I just kinda feel it to be something the was walking be done … ns didn’t have any type of feelings.”

Most the the 2014 videos were shown to the jury in ~ Holmes’ trial.

Prosecutors’ spokeswoman Vikki Migoya said people who want to see the videos can call audioeditorfree.comlorado’s 18th Judicial ar Attorney’s Office for access to a website where they room posted.

The videos were released in ~ the request of attorney Steven Zansberg, who said he was representing a documentary producer who he decreased to identify.

Jeff Roberts, chairman of the audioeditorfree.comlorado freedom of info audioeditorfree.comalition, praised the decision to relax the videos. “I think the goes to the general public being able to understand what happened,” that told The Aurora Sentinel.

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“There’s a many we have learned about the Aurora theatre shooter, yet there are still unanswered questions and when something prefer that happens there is absolutely a public interest in disaudioeditorfree.comvering as lot as possible. Getting access to this reports is part of filling in those absent puzzle pieces.”

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Holmes, that murdered12 civilization in a cinema, told specialist he‘didn’t have any feelings’ after his arrest

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