The son of Sam killings terrified residents of new York City in the so late 1970s, as six world were murdered over the expectations of 2 years. David Berkowitz was arrested and charged in connection with killings, and also people have actually largely assumed that the case is closed.

But a brand-new true crime docuseries on Netflix called The boy of Sam: A Descent right into Darkness explores the theory that Berkowitz didn’t action alone. The series follows investigative journalist Maury Terry, who repetitively tried to have actually the situation reopened top top the concept that the killings were attached to a satanic cult referred to as "The Children."

The collection breaks down Terry’s investigation, consisting of a theory that man Carr, a guy who lived close to Berkowitz and also whose father Sam owned the dog that Berkowitz claimed told the to death people, was much more involved in the killings than originally thought. Among other things, Carr had actually the nickname "John Wheaties," and Wheaties were referenced in among the letters Berkowitz left because that police.

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And, during an interview through Terry, Berkowitz actually said that Carr shot among the victims, and that Carr’s brother, Michael, was also involved.

Terry published a publication in 1987 called The ultimate Evil: The search for the sons of Sam, breaking down his theories and clues that led that to believe that Berkowitz, the Carr family, and also others to be behind the killings.

The new docuseries adheres to Terry—who passed away in 2015—in his investigation and includes one interview v Berkowitz.

This isn’t the very first time the kid of Sam killings have actually been revisited lately. Season 2 of the struggle true crime-inspired TV collection Mindhunter also discover the murders.

You’ve probably heard of kid of Sam at part point, but might it is in unfamiliar v the details, offered that this all went under in the 1970s. Here’s whatever you should know around this notorious serial killer, including exactly how he finally got caught and also where the is now.

Who is child of Sam, and what to be his crimes?

Berkowitz make a name, or rather alias, for self after that murdered six people in new York City from 1976 through 1977. The city got in a panic and also carried out one of the greatest manhunts in new York history, according to Biography. Berkowitz consistently left letters close to his victims’ bodies that taunted police.

In July 29, 1976, Berkowitz’s an initial two victims were teenage girl Jody Valenti and Donna Lauria. The 2 girls to be sitting in Valenti"s auto in front of Lauria"s residence in the Bronx as soon as Berkowitz shoot them, killing Lauria and injuring Valenti. A few months later, that shot at another pair in a parked car, injuring the man, and also again struck two teenage girls walking house in November. (One finished up paraplegic, per Biography.)

It wasn’t until January 1977, once Berkowitz struck Christine Freund and her fiancé (who were additionally sitting in a parked car), the police realized the killings to be linked. Berkowitz provided the very same .44-caliber pistol in every one of his shootings, earning the surname the ".44-caliber killer," i m sorry later developed to "Son that Sam."



Berkowitz then went ~ above to murder college student Virginia Voskerichian in March if she was walking residence from class. And a month later, he attacked Valentina Suriani and Alexander Esau in your car. The left a letter addressed to NYPD Captain Joseph Borrelli, in which he dubbed himself "Son that Sam" for the first time.

The letter, i m sorry was mostly gibberish, said, per CBS News, "I am deep hurt by her calling me a hater. Ns am not. But I am a monster. Ns am the "Son that Sam."...When father Sam gets drunk he gets mean...Sam loves come drink blood. "Go out and kill" regulates father Sam." The letter additionally said he was "prowling the streets looking for fair game" and also that the women of majesties "are z prettyist the all."

Berkowitz committed his critical crime in Brooklyn, once he killed Stacy Moskowitz and also wounded 20-year-old Robert Violante, who ended up partly blinded, every The new York Times.

How to be Berkowitz caught and revealed as son of Sam?

After Moskowitz to be killed, one eyewitness experienced someone acquiring away in a automobile that had actually a parking ticket top top it. In respectable 1977, police detective James Justus sifted through traffic tickets for cars the were close to where Moskowitz and also Violante had actually been shot, and also found one registered come Berkowitz, the time reported. Justus called the Yonkers police department (since Berkowitz lived in Yonkers) and also asked about him, just to have the dispatcher phone call him the Berkowitz had shot she dog.

"I was: "This has acquired to it is in the guy. This has gained to it is in the guy,"" Justus said the Times. "I mean, you’re no going to recognize until you have actually him right in prior of you, yet what’s someone from Yonkers doing down in that neighborhood? A most things we provided to execute on gut feeling: "I can’t put my finger ~ above it. Something’s wrong v this." You’ve obtained to go with it."

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When police checked out Berkowitz"s home, he told them the he to be the son of Sam, the Times says. Berkowitz was arrested on august 10, 1977, just 11 days after his critical murder. When he was questioned by police, Berkowitz stated that he had actually been ordered to kill by his ar Sam Carr, who sent out messages to Berkowitz v his dog, a demon-possessed Labrador retriever, per Biography. He was at some point sentenced to six consecutive 25-years-to-life terms.

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Where is child of Sam now?

Berkowitz originally received a lot of money come share his story, prompting many states to pass legislations (sometimes dubbed "Son of Sam laws") that prohibit convicted criminals from financially profiting indigenous books, movies, or something else regarded their crimes.