Costco continues to be a popular chain in the united States, and also it’s cultivation throughout the world. As of 2020 over there were over 550 Costco shop in the joined States. When the vast majority of Costco members renew your membership every year, there space still some Americans who execute not desire to pay because that a Costco membership. Luckily, Costco makes allowances for that. If girlfriend don’t right now have a Costco account, you’ll want to recognize Costco’s guest policy as well as how many human being can it is in on her Costco membership.

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Costco’s Guest Policy

Any member can carry up come one guest with them come the store. However, only Costco members are enabled to do purchases. If your guest desires to make a purchase, girlfriend will should buy the items, and your friend will need to pay you back.

How Many human being Can be on her Costco Membership?

Each Costco member who has a gold Star member is allowed to have actually one additional person on their membership. This person must it is in in the exact same household and also 18 year or older.

How in ~ Authorize one more Person to her Costco Membership

Adding one authorized user to her Costco membership is simple. Simply sign in to your account, click “My Account,” and also go to “Account Details” to include the person you would certainly like. Then, that person have the right to pick up your membership map at the regional Costco you choose.

You can likewise easily adjust authorized customers using the exact same steps.

How much Is a Costco Membership?

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For people who don’t very own a business, Costco offers two key membership types:

Gold Star Membership

A gold Star membership is Costco’s most basic kind of membership. This membership costs $60 per year, allows you one free household card, and also is valid at any kind of Costco worldwide.


Executive Membership

If you shop at Costco generally or have actually a large family or hungry teens, you may want to think about upgrading come an executive, management Membership, which prices $120.

An executive, management Membership likewise includes one complimentary household card and also is valid at any Costco worldwide. However, it has actually additional, significant benefits. This include annual 2% reward on qualifying Costco purchase (this examine is sent to use when per year, usually in the month your rejuvenation is due), additional benefits top top Costco travel products and increased save on other Costco services.

We have an executive, management Membership, and also each year, our 2% reward examine is better than the additional $60 this membership costs over the yellow Star Membership, basically making this update free. Plus, we gain all the other benefits the an executive, management Membership.

Final Thoughts

If you space on the fence around getting a Costco membership, shot to view if a friend with a membership will certainly let you accompany them come the keep so you can see what that like, what commodities are offered, and also how much they cost.

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If you have actually a Costco membership, don’t forget to add a family members member ~ above to her Costco card for free.