Does coco milk come indigenous brown cows?” Apparently millions of Americans space under the impression that the answer is yes, correctly it does.

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In news that might not surprised some, a massive 7 per cent of americans allegedly think that coco milk comes from brown cows.

This is follow to a survey commissioned through the innovation Centre for united state Dairy in 2017, which discovered that countless American citizens space somehow under the impression the their lovely choccy milk is a product of brown cows.

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In fact, the belief was so extensive that the centre was prompted to write whole piece debunking it, where, in answer to the question “Does cacao milk come from brown cows?”, they clarified: “Actually, coco milk – or any flavoured milk for that issue – is white cow’s milk with included flavouring and also sweeteners”.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. Follow to the survey, 16.4 million believe that coco milk deserve to be consumed directly from the udder the a brown cow, and a more 48 every cent were not certain where cacao milk also came from.

7% of Americans think chocolate milk originates from brown cows.

7 PERCENT… Brown cows…. About 16.4 million people. Cacao milk. From. Brown. Cows.

— Imagine (

The most surprising part might not also be how numerous – yet the truth that the number isn’t higher. For decades, surveys have uncovered Americans to be consistently uneducated once it come to basic agricultural studies: where food comes from, how it’s stored, and how it’s made.

Another 29 every cent allegedly usage their kids as one excuse to buy the milk so the they have the right to drink that themselves.

I like having kids approximately the house because I deserve to use them together an excuse to buy cacao milk and also make beanie weenies v macaroni & cheese

— crow (
fhrcrow) October 5, 2015

To do matters worse, an early ’90s study commissioned by the room of agriculture found that virtually 1 in 5 adult did not understand that hamburgers space made indigenous beef. The 2020 equivalent of that can well it is in people preventing buying Corona Beer in the fear that they’ll contract coronavirus.

These room the same civilization who think coco milk originates from brown cows

— Memezar (
meme_zar) February 29, 2020

Maybe it’s time farming studies ended up being a priority in American colleges – because I don’t know around you, yet I am yet to point out myself a strawberry coloured cow.

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