Trump supporters were scared turn off from rally, adviser says

Mercedes Schlapp said some Trump supporters were deterred or blocked by protesters.

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Crowd at president Donald Trump"s project rally in Tulsa, Okla., top top June 20, 2020. | M. Scott Mahaskey/

Trump project adviser Mercedes Schlapp stated Sunday that protesters produced a hostile environment and also blocked pendant from attending the president"s Saturday night rally, though reporters on the ground claimed they observed no together altercations.

Speaking through “Fox News Sunday“ host Chris Wallace, Schlapp said households were fear to lug their children to the Tulsa, Okla., rally and also that attendees were unable to obtain to the stadium whereby Trump to be speaking.

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"There were protesters who blocked the paths, and so we experienced that have an impact in terms of human being coming come the rally," Schlapp said. "But what to be amazing, Chris, was the reality that end 5.3 million human being watched the on all of our digital media channels."

Reporters who were at the rally claimed attendees had no difficulty getting into the venue.

Schlapp"s remarks come in the wake of footage showing empty seats for the president"s very first rally due to the fact that taking a three-month hiatus due to the fact that of the coronavirus pandemic. The Trump project had to be bragging that it received more than a million ticket inquiry in the lead-up come the rally, but it visibly fail to to fill the BOK Center"s 19,000 seats; Tulsa’s fire department stated 6,200 people attended.

An out overflow area to be shuttered due to the fact that of low attendance.

Reports of tik users and also K-Pop fans booking tickets en masse in a quiet protest began circulating together an explanation because that the large disparity in the campaign"s projections and the restricted attendance.

Schlapp also tried changing attention toward autonomous rival Joe Biden, who has actually opted to carry out virtual project events over involves of the coronavirus pandemic.

"The president went the end to talk straight to the American people, come talk about the failed document of Joe Biden," Schlapp said. "The truth that Joe Biden has been a career politician that has done nothing but only supported failed institutions."

Six staffers in ~ the trumped rally tested hopeful for coronavirus in the hours prior to the event.