The claim: Joe Biden’s little inauguration attendance numbers prove the Donald Trump won the 2020 election

Ahead of chairman Joe Biden’s swearing-in on Jan. 20, social media users began to point out the crowd dimension at his inauguration ceremony, compare it to now-former president Donald Trump’s audience in 2017.

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One viral Facebook article claims the Biden’s little inauguration crowd size proves the Trump actually won the election. Claims the Biden unfairly winner the election are baseless and have to be debunked many times.

The short article includes 2 photos, one reflecting a fairly empty National Mall external the U.S. Capitol in ~ this year’s inauguration and another showing a larger crowd in ~ the same ar in 2017.

“2017 vs 2021...Trump vs Biden...Winner vs Loser,” the user captioned the post.

The write-up garnered much more than 2,700 reactions and 800 shares. USA TODAY has reached the end to the user because that comment.

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The controversy surrounding inauguration awareness crowd sizes is no new. Trump’s inauguration crowd size was among the first controversies to note his management after then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer falsely declared that it was the biggest audience to witness an inauguration.

Presidential inaugurations are typically attended by hundreds of dignitaries, including previous presidents, can be fried Court justices and lawmakers. Thousands of thousands of attendees additionally spill out across the nationwide Mall to clock the event, USA this day reported. 

Attendance because that this year inauguration ceremony, however, was limited due come the coronavirus pandemic.

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COVID-19 limited inauguration attendance

Both photos consisted of in the post appear to it is in authentic screenshot of live coverage, follow to an NBC livestream that Trump’s inauguration and a CNBC livestream of Biden’s inauguration. Yet officials encouraged world to celebrate Biden’s inauguration at home to stop the spread out of COVID-19, which has killed more than 400,000 Americans. 

"There are countless grand legacies to the inaugural, and also we arrangement to honor them by highlighting more of our nation’s civilization than ever before while maintaining everyone safe," Tony Allen, the inaugural committee’s chief executive, management officer, said USA TODAY.

Tickets for Biden’s inauguration ceremony were limited. Although members the Congress space usually offered a full of 200,000 ticket to distribution to constituents, they to be only offered tickets because that themselves and one various other guest this year to border crowd size, follow to the joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. 

Subway stations across the city were likewise closed and also National safety members were stationed near the Capitol front of the ceremony, according to USA TODAY.

District the Columbia market Muriel Bowser encouraged people to continue to be home and watch the inauguration practically after a pro-Trump lot stormed the Capitol ~ above Jan. 6, leaving five human being dead.

"Our purposes right now are come encourage american to take part virtually and to safeguard the district of Columbia indigenous a repeat that the violent insurrection knowledgeable at the Capitol and its grounds top top January the 6th," Bowser stated at a Jan. 11 push conference.

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There is no proof of extensive voter fraud

Although Trump and also his supporters have repeatedly alleged that Biden unfairly winner the 2020 election, these claims are baseless. Choice officials have actually said the choice was conducted relatively and over there is no proof of extensive voter fraud.

Both candidates got a record-breaking variety of votes, yet Biden beat Trump by much more than 7 million votes, amassing around 81 million votes come Trump"s roughly 74 million, USA this particular day reported.

Lawsuits alleging voter fraud have largely fail in court, according to USA TODAY. In December, the supreme Court rejected a sue by Texas difficult the election outcomes in 4 battleground states.

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Our rating: False

The claim that chairman Joe Biden’s inauguration crowd size proves that former President Donald Trump actually won the 2020 election is FALSE, based on our research. While Biden’s inauguration awareness crowd dimension was smaller sized than Trump’s, over there were restrictions in place since of COVID-19.

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