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At the very first press briefing the the new administration, White residence press secretary Sean Spicer blasted the media, saying they intentionally misled the public about the size of president Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd.

"Photographs the the inaugural proceedings were purposely framed in a way, in one certain Tweet, to minimization the enormous support that had actually gathered on the nationwide Mall," Spicer said on Jan. 21. "That to be the biggest audience come witness one inauguration, period. Both in person and also around the globe."

Spicer offered a couple of "facts" to disprove media reports of low turnout, however many that them room misleading or inaccurate. His in its entirety assertion that Trump’s inaugural attracted the "largest audience" ever before is flat-out wrong.

Infrastructure issues

Spicer sharp to changes in framework that provided the illusion of short turnout.

It was the "first time" that floor coverings were offered to protect the grass ~ above the nationwide Mall, which had actually highlighted empty spots in the inaugural crowd, an result not experienced in previous inaugurations, he said.

But this is no the case. Floor coverings were also used in 2013, and floor coverings stayed on the Mall throughout the Women’s in march on Washington the day after the inauguration.

Spicer also blamed the "first time" usage of fencing and also magnetometers ~ above the Mall because that "preventing hundreds of thousands of human being being maybe to accessibility the shopping mall as conveniently as they had inaugurations past."

According to a 2017 congressional Research company report, screening magnetometers, or steel detectors, have been provided in past inaugurations, though it’s no clear if they were inserted on the mall itself. The screening zones, according to the Washington urban Area Transit Authority, did encompass two busy metro stops close come the Mall.

Spicer’s case was also disputed by brand-new York times reporter Michael Schmidt, who tweeted that two unnamed law enforcement public official told him "magnetometers were not supplied in the locations Spicer said they to be on the Mall."

Crowd size

Spicer then knocked the push for tweeting out "inaccurate numbers including crowd size."

"No one had actually numbers because the nationwide Park Service, which controls the national Mall, does not put any kind of out," that said. "We do understand a couple of things. So stop go v the facts."

"We recognize that from the platform from wherein the President to be sworn in to fourth Street holds around 250,000 people. From 4th Street to the media tent is about another 220,000. And from the media tent to the Washington Monument an additional 250,000 people. Every one of this an are was full when the President took the oath of office."

Many news organizations, including, have provided that it’s an overwhelming to gauge crowd size and that estimates are inconsistent. The nationwide Park service stopped tallying crowds on the nationwide Mall in 1995 ~ a problem over the attendance the the Million man March.

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Spicer’s insurance claim of full spaces on the shopping mall -- i beg your pardon photographs contradict -- would give Trump a crowd dimension of at least 720,000, i m sorry is higher than preliminary estimates reported in the media yet are on par through the 700,000 to 900,000 organizers intended to attend. The President self touted 1.5 million on Jan. 21 at CIA headquarters. Yet that still wouldn’t have been the top figure.