President Donald Trump has accused the media of dishonesty end the number of people attending his inauguration.

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Mr Trump to be speaking ~ photographs were published appearing to show an ext people attended the inauguration that his predecessor Barack Obama in 2009.

Mr Trump's press secretary claimed it had actually been "the biggest audience to ever see an inauguration" also though figures he cited add up come under 750,000 people.

On Saturday, millions in the US and around the people took component in protests to highlight women's rights, which activists think to it is in under danger from the brand-new administration.

In response, president Trump tweeted ~ above Sunday: "Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that us just had actually an election!

The largest US rally was in the capital, Washington DC, i m sorry city officials approximated to be much more than 500,000-strong, followed by brand-new York through some 400,000 and hundreds of thousands elsewhere, consisting of Chicago and Los Angeles.

For decades, the US national Park Service provided official crowd approximates for gatherings on the nationwide Mall.

But the firm stopped providing counts after organisers the the Million guy March protest around rights because that black world in 1995 threatened a lawsuit.

Mr Trump stated "it looked favor a million and a fifty percent people" over there on Friday - through the crowd extending all the method back to the Washington Monument.

To support the argument, his push secretary Sean Spicer outlined numbers amounting to 720,000 people in the Mall, despite having asserted seconds before that "no one had numbers" for the inauguration.

He additionally said the the number of people acquisition Washington's subway device on the day had actually been higher than throughout Mr Obama's second inauguration in 2013.

In fact, there were 782,000 tickets the year, however 571,000 this year, the Washington-area transit government says.

Mr Spicer also said the plastic sheets had been provided for the first time come cover the grass i m sorry "had the effect of highlighting areas people were no standing whereas in years previous the grass eliminated this visual". In fact, the grass was also covered in 2013.

He added that fences and metal detectors had actually had an influence on attendance, yet this had also been denied by officials together being a factor.

The new president repeated his low opinion of the media dubbing reporters "among the most dishonest humans on earth". Mr Spicer vowed "to hold the push accountable".

In your reaction, major US media outlets flatly denied the insurance claims made by the united state president and his spokesman.

The new York Times, singled out by mr Spicer, denounced "false claims" and described the statements together a "striking display of invective and also grievance at the dawn that a presidency".

CNN said it go not also broadcast the spokesman's explain live. It said the push secretary had assaulted the media "for that s right reporting" and also went on to debunk the claims.

Pro-Trump Fox News reported the cases unchallenged, and also highlighted mr Spicer's condemnation of a Time newspaper reporter who incorrectly reported that a bust the civil civil liberties hero boy name Luther King Jr. Had actually been gotten rid of from the Oval Office. The reporter later apologised because that the error.

BuzzFeed News accuses grandfather Spicer of lying and goes on to provide Twitter memes generated from his remarks.

In his an initial ever White home briefing, Sean Spicer rounded ~ above reporters in a manner few here deserve to remember.

Echoing chairman Trump's charge of dishonesty, mr Spicer approve a thinly-veiled warning come reporters covering the trumped presidency, saying the brand-new administration intended to "hold the push accountable".

Precisely what he method by that is unclear, yet the statement has actually left numerous veterans the the White house press swimming pool deeply concerned.

Ultimately, of course, it begs the broader question - what will prove most unpalatable to this brand-new administration: the messenger or the message?

Officials indigenous the ar of Columbia have said the 1.8m world attended mr Obama's 2009 inauguration and close to 1m proved up because that his 2nd in 2013.

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George W shrub drew some 400,000 in 2005, 300,000 in 2001; bill Clinton had actually 800,000 in 1993 climate 250,000 in 1997.

Some 140,000 ticket were offered for Ronald Reagan's inauguration in 1985, however extreme cold forced officials to relocate the awareness indoors, says Politifact.

It says the biggest crowd the national Park service counted was for lindon Johnson's 1965 swearing-in that drew 1.2m.