Jeanne Mancini, chairman of March because that Life, called the mounting list of bans and also restrictions "common-sense laws."

“Our loftiest goal is to work-related for the day once abortion in unthinkable," Mancini said. “This (past) year we saw a lot of legislations that to be surprises, and some had actually a significant impact on windy opinion.”

Reproductive rights advocates, however, say momentum is on your side. Lock spent much of critical year protesting in front of state capitols and joined forces come combat severe limitations with lawsuits.

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Alexis mcgill Johnson, acting president and also CEO of plan Parenthood action Fund, pointed to November election victories the saw voters support candidates who affirmed the ideal to abortion, particularly in Kentucky and Virginia.

She quote a 2019 NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist vote that confirmed 77% of Americans want the U.S. Can be fried Court come uphold its decision in Roe v. Wade, made 47 years ago Wednesday, protecting a woman"s ideal to have an abortion without burdensome federal government intrusion.

"We’ve seen exactly how supporting reproductive civil liberties is no only good for people, it’s good politics," Johnson said. "Anti-abortion politicians have already shown united state that they will stop at nothing to ban abortion and also punish patients because that accessing an easy health care. Us won’t was standing for this – not now, not ever." 

Some that the strictest anti-abortion laws critical year to be passed in Alabama – which spreading a complete ban ~ above abortion – and Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and also Ohio, which outlawed the procedure after around six weeks as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected.

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Federal judges temporarily clogged the legislations from walking into impact while the legal challenges by abortion-rights groups are fought this year in lower courts. 

“No one is expecting the district court to be the final word," stated Elizabeth Nash, senior state worries manager at Guttmacher. 

Republican lawmakers and anti-abortion activists are hoping the cases ultimately increase to the supreme Court, v its new conservative bulk and the strength to overturn Roe v. Wade. The can be fried Court is most likely to dominance this feather on a Louisiana regulation that requires abortion suppliers to have actually admitting privileges at surrounding hospitals. A comparable law in Texas to be struck down by the high court in 2016.

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Staci Fox, president and also CEO of planned Parenthood Southeast, called the anti-abortion advocates" Supreme Court strategy a "political game." Banning abortions, she said, will at some point force more women to have illegal, unsafe abortions. 

"It’s irresponsible, and it’s going to have consequences," Fox said. “You can not say friend care about women and also then turn around and also restrict access to wellness care.”

With abortion in the spotlight, Nash claimed it"s likely states will pass an ext restrictions this year. Democratic legislator in part states, however, have actually pushed back by passing laws that assistance abortion rights. According to her group, 36 measures were enacted last year to protect abortion. 

But Maureen Ferguson, a senior fellow because that The Catholic Association that participates in March because that Life each year, claimed the anti-abortion laws and the popularity of the yearly event reflect a "growing pro-life sentiment" across the nation. 

Ferguson hopes women identify they are resourceful and also don"t need to resort to abortion.

"That kind of violence candlestick to never be the solution to a problem of poverty or any type of other an overwhelming circumstance," she said. "Taking the life of one innocent child is never a good solution.” 

There is much to celebrate at this year"s march, organizer Mancini said. While 800,000 women had abortions in 2017, the number performed in the U.S. Got to a historic low. New pregnancy treatment centers are opening, and an ext young civilization are supporting the cause. Many that marchers room traveling from schools and also colleges across the country, she said. 

"This is a human rights issues, so we can’t no march," Mancini said. "We are changing hearts and minds."