PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It to be one year ago when Philadelphia was spanned in green, hundreds of fans chanted in unison over and also over again, and also the Eagles commemorated their very first Super bowl Championship through a parade down large Street.

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Fans clad in Eagles eco-friendly jammed the highways from dawn close to the stadion to an afternoon rally at the city"s famed "Rocky" steps, lining up 20 deep in clues to capture a glimpse the the champs. The Eagles rode in open-top twin decker buses to the arts museum that Sylvester Stallone made famed for a rally nearly 60 years in the making.
In possibly the most memorable - and also most replayed minute of the solemn event - facility Jason Kelce offered voice come every frustrated philadelph fan with a remarkable, impassioned and profane decided that had him defending the general manager, the coach and also a litany that players that supposedly weren"t clever enough, large enough or talented sufficient to victory a championship."We to be a bunch that underdogs," shouted Kelce, channeling Rocky himself. "Bottom heat is we want it more!"

VIDEO: Jason Kelce"s rousing decided at Eagles parade finale. Watch the video clip everyone is talking around from February 8, 2018.

And so did football-crazed philly - desperately.Until the 41-33 success at Super bowl LII end the favored new England Patriots, the Eagles remained the just team in their department without a location - an recurring humiliation that provided Philly an inferiority complicated and make the Eagles faithful basic target for fans of other teams, particularly the rival Dallas Cowboys and brand-new York Giants."This Super bowl championship is for you," Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie called the vast crowd. "You are the many passionate and deserving sporting activities fans ~ above the planet. We couldn"t have actually done it without you."Added Super bowl MVP quarterback Nick Foles: "We finally did it. We"re Super bowl champs!"

THE UNDERDOGS are IN THE HOUSE!! lane Johnson and also Chris long channel their inner Hulk Hogan to pump increase the crowd. “Center the the soccer universe, permit me hear ya bark a little! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!”

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The parade began at the Eagles" stadium complicated and progressively made its way up wide Street previous the cheering throngs. Delivering the Lombardi Trophy, coach Doug Pederson walked part of the path - enabling fans to touch the gleaming hardware - while Lurie hosted a authorize saying "THANK you FANS" as he stood alongside the team"s 3 quarterbacks: Foles, injured starter Carson Wentz and also third-stringer Nate Sudfeld.Dan Tarvin, 29, to be pumped after gaining to high-five Pederson and also GM Howie Roseman, that was important in putting together a squad intended to contend for championships because that years to come."They are much more than heroes. They"re legends. They"re immortal in this city, forever," Tarvin said.
Corey Carter, 32, the West Philadelphia, clutched a woodcut of one Eagle the he referred to as the "Lombirdy Trophy.""This is the greatest day!" Carter said. "Besides God, my kids and my wife, it"s Eagles. That"s all there is. Mine family and then Eagles, and this is the greatest day of mine life, ever."
Schools, museums, courts, government offices and also even the Philadelphia Zoo to be shut down so the city might fete one underdog Eagles team that couple of outside Philadelphia thought had a prayer that beating the mighty Patriots led through superstar quarterback Tom Brady and also coach bill Belichick.Organizers all set for as plenty of as 2 million people, though city public official didn"t release a crowd estimate. They were cynical of a report that had the number at 700,000, based on pictures.

The city breaks under the number of the Eagles Parade. Gray room reports during action News at 9 a.m. Top top February 10, 2018.

Terry Gallen, a pan from glenn Mills, in the Philadelphia suburbs, stated he "broke down prefer a baby and cried" once the Eagles won the supervisor Bowl."It way everything," Gallen said. "We"re love it."At the rally, Lurie, Pederson and also a slew the players all took the microphone and specialized the success to the fans.
But it was the crowd-pleasing Kelce who best channeled the gruff yet ultimately good-hearted "attytood" because that which Philadelphians space famous.Wearing an outlandishly sequined Mummers getup - a nod come Philadelphia"s raucous new Year"s job parade - Kelce asserted that "no one wanted us. No analyst favored to see united state win the super Bowl. And nobody likes our fans."
He then led the crowd in a jolly - and filthy - chant set to the tune of "My Darling Clementine": "No one likes us, no one likes us, no one likes us, we don"t care!" The big-bearded lineman uttered at the very least two profanities that made that onto live TV, recalling follow Utley"s likewise profane decided at the Phillies" World series parade 10 year ago.

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For lots of fans, the parade to be a reminder that the Phillies" win lap after a 28-year World series title drought.For others, it take it on spirituality shades of the pope"s visit in 2015."It is prefer a religion," stated Kevin Fry, 37, of prospect Park in suburban Philadelphia, a push operator at the Inquirer and also Daily News who helped print 700,000 copies of the Super key edition the proclaimed "At Last!"While the Eagles did no repeat as champions this year, they did prove doubters dorn again by make it right into the playoffs. Therefore the underdog spirit resides on as do the memories of a parade that brought an entire city with each other for one magical day.
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