On a freezing day in Washington, D.C., Barack Hussein Obama is sworn in as the 44th U.S. President. The son of a black father from Kenya and also a white mother from Kansas, Obama had become the very first African American to victory election to the nation’s highest possible office the ahead November.

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As the junior U.S. Senator indigenous Illinois, he winner a tight autonomous primary fight over senator Hillary Clinton of brand-new York before triumphing over Arizona Senator man McCain, the Republican candidate, in the basic election. Versus a backdrop of the nation’s damaging economic collapse throughout the begin of the an excellent Recession, Obama’s message of hope and optimism—as embodied by his project slogan, “Yes us Can”—struck an inspirational chord with a country seeking change.

As Inauguration work dawned, crowds of human being thronged the nationwide Mall, extending from the Capitol building to beyond the Washington Monument. Follow to an main estimate made later on by the district of Columbia, some 1.8 million people witnessed Obama’s inauguration, surpassing the previous document of 1.2 million, set by the inaugural crowd of lindon B. Johnson in 1965.

The ceremonies ran behind schedule, and also it wasn’t until just before noon the Chief Justice man Roberts Jr. Administered the presidential oath of office to the president-elect. While being sworn in, Obama placed his hand on a scriptures held through his wife, Michelle—the same scriptures used by president Abraham Lincoln at his first inaugural.

Obama opened his inaugural address, which lasted part 20 minutes, by recognizing the difficulties facing the country at the outset that his administration—the worsening economic crisis, continuous war versus radical extremism and terrorism, costly wellness care, failing schools and also a general loss of trust in America’s promise.

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In the confront of these obstacles, he offered a blog post of careful yet i was sure optimism. “The obstacles we face are real,” Obama declared. “They space serious and also they space many. They will certainly not it is in met quickly or in a brief span the time. However know this, America, they will certainly be met.”

Obama referred only briefly come the historic nature of his presidency in his speech, saying close to the finish that part of America’s greatness was the fact that “a guy whose father less than 60 years ago might not have been offered at a local restaurant deserve to now stand before you to take it a most sacred oath.”

Instead, that emphasized the design template of civic responsibility that one more youthful democratic president—John F. Kennedy—used to such great effect virtually 50 years earlier, phone call on the American human being to adopt the obstacles they confronted in together a an overwhelming period: “What is required of us now is a brand-new era the responsibility, a recognition, top top the part of every American, the we have duties come ourselves, our country and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept yet rather take grandly, firm in the understanding that over there is nothing for this reason satisfying come the spirit, so defining of ours character, than providing our all to a an overwhelming task. The is the price and also promise that citizenship.”

After the inauguration, Obama attended the traditional inaugural luncheon in Statuary Hall, the initial chamber of the residence of Representatives. He and also Michelle climate traveled down Pennsylvania Avenue come the White residence as component of the 15,000-person inaugural parade, and also would attend no fewer 보다 10 main inaugural balls that evening.