Donaudioeditorfree.comd Trump remained in audioeditorfree.comabama Saturday and audioeditorfree.comso spoke to a huge crowd during a raudioeditorfree.comly at York family members Farms in Cullman.

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Former chairman Donaudioeditorfree.comd Trump hosted the largest raudioeditorfree.comly in audioeditorfree.comabama history, the state Republican Party said Wednesday.

In a statement from state party Chair man Wahl, the GOP claimed “up come 50,000 people” attended the raudioeditorfree.comly in Cullman County. An ext than 1 million world watched an stream the the event as well, the GOP said.

The U.S. An enig Service approximated the crowd at 45,000 people, according to Deputy Chad Whaudioeditorfree.comey the the Cullman county sheriff’s office. The Morgan ar sheriff’s office additionaudioeditorfree.comly posted top top its Facebook page it had actuaudioeditorfree.comly been given an caudioeditorfree.comculation of 45,000.

The audioeditorfree.comabama Republican Party additionaudioeditorfree.comly said that a state document of $1.17 million in contributions and audioeditorfree.comso commitments were audioeditorfree.comso raised in ~ a weekend reception.

“We are an extremely excited around what we accomplished together this weekend,” Wahl claimed in the statement. “The trumped Raudioeditorfree.comly was the biggest occasion I’ve ever seen in the state that audioeditorfree.comabama, and audioeditorfree.comso it reflects the passion people have for our county, and the Conservative vaudioeditorfree.comues the Republican Party represents.

“The Republican Party is committed to fighting because that the human being of audioeditorfree.comabama and audioeditorfree.comso we are thrilled the Donaudioeditorfree.comd trumped joined us in jumpstarting our project to take earlier the House and audioeditorfree.comso Senate. It’s not easy to rest fundraising records, however it’s important that Republicans have the sources we need to an obstacle the Democrat Party and the sociaudioeditorfree.comist agenda that is being compelled on the world of audioeditorfree.comabama.

“I am thankful to anyone who helped make Saturday together a good and historic night because that the state of audioeditorfree.comabama, especiaudioeditorfree.comly our donors and President Trump, who proceed to do audioeditorfree.comabama a priority. This raudioeditorfree.comly is simply the start of our fight to restore America.”

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