4of231999 – Year Joel Osteen took over Lakewood because that his deceased father john Osteen.

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5of23$12 million– Assessed worth of the 17,300-square-foot flow Oaks mansion, whereby Osteen and also his wife Victoria live. He paid $247,000 in building taxes.

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7of2350,000 – Lakewood Church"s weekly attendance.

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8of2316,000 –seating volume of Osteen"s basketball arena-turned-church, Lakewood. The previous Compaq facility was residence to the human being champion Houston Rockets squads the the 1990s.

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10of23$83 million – contribute to Lakewood, built up in supplying buckets, online and also by mail because that the year ending in in march 2017

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11of23$90 million– Lakewood’s yearly operating prices for the year ending in march 2017.

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13of238.4 million – Total variety of printed books by Osteen. Ten are best-selling.

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14of2319 million – number of users who have “liked” Joel Osteen Ministries’ on facebook page.

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16of238.5 million Number the Osteen’s Twitter followers

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17of2310 million – Estimated number of weekly U.S. Viewers of Osteen’s televised sermons.

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19of233 – Osteen"s rank among most well-known TV evangelists, behind Billy Graham (pictured) and also Rick Warren.

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– Number that “likes” because that a Twitter post criticizing Osteen because that failing to open up the church’s doors automatically to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

22of23Lakewood Church to buy the former Summit arena in 2010 after leasing the for seven years.

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Joel Osteen"s Lakewood Church is the biggest church in the U.S. Through a budget plan to match.

It spent around $90 million throughout the budget year that ended March 31, 2017, follow to a gaue won statement obtained by the Houston audioeditorfree.comicle because that our "The Preacher"s Son" series. Here"s how:

Weekly services and also programs: $31.7 million Night of expect events: $6.7 million TV ministry: $25.1 million General and administrative: $11.5 million Fundraising: $11.9 million Mission and also outreach: $1.2 million

Pastor Joel Osteen puts a high priority on expanding the church"s reach and also finding new adherents.

"That"s what us feel like the media does," he told the audioeditorfree.comicle. "I understand what my gifts are and also where God has blessed me, and I"m trying to it is in a great steward of that."

How walk Osteen became the nation"s many ubiquitous televangelist and also one of its wealthiest? read the complete story on our subscriber website, Houstonaudioeditorfree.comicle.com.

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