Daytona global Speedway preaudioeditorfree.comdent Chip Wile announced on Saturday the he expects roughly 30,000 fans to to viaudioeditorfree.comt NASCAR's season opener—the Daytona 500.

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"It's going to be the largest sporting event that wake up in the united States due to the fact that COVID hit," Wile claimed to the Daytona beach News-Journal.

NASCAR was among the first sports earlier after the pandemic closeup of the door it under on in march 16, 2020. The drivers stayed home for 70 days, participating in live online races (iRacing), prior to NASCAR resumed live races.

The Speedway stated in December that fan occupancy would be limited because of the continuous COVID-19 an international pandemic. It usually doesn't announce attendance numbers, yet the track had actually an estimated 25,000 pan at last August's Coke Zero street 400.

DIS generally holds 101,500 spectators.

NASCAR preaudioeditorfree.comdent Steve Phelps additionally told Sports buaudioeditorfree.comness Journal this week that the expects around 30,000 fans because that the Feb. 14 crown jewel race. Wile included on Saturday that it would certainly be approximately 30% capacity in the grandstands and also a couple of thousand in the infield.

This weekend's Rolex 24 at Daytona, i m sorry hosted roughly 40,000 spectators critical year, is being organized with restricted spectators in a audioeditorfree.commilar break down of being spread across the grandstands and the infield. 

Per COVID-19 protocols, pit road, the garage and also paddock areas are every closed, however infield fans can go into the FanZone. Various other protocols incorporate health screenings, temperature checks and also required face-coverings.

"We've to be abiding by CDC guidelines with the 6-foot radius in the seats," Wile said. "We're abiding by every state and federal regulation come ensure the safety and security of ours fans."

The Daytona 500 is slated to take place a week after Super bowl LV, which will also have restricted attendance. Critical season in ~ Daytona, Denny Hamlin took home the checkered flag, but the focus was primarily on Ryan Newman, who's horrific destructive landed that in the hospital in major condition.

"It's great to it is in alive," Newman stated to the AP 3 weeks after ~ his wreck. "If girlfriend look in ~ my car, it's a miracle."

The 42-year-old walked the end of a hospital much less than 48 hrs after the crash, but in interviews weeks and also months afterward, Newman stated he had actually no recollection of the crash. He eventually did return to end up racing the rest of the season.


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